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10 Best Lingerie for Your Bridal Lehenga

10 Best Lingerie for Your Bridal Lehenga

The D-day is just around the corner and you have hung your bridal lehenga carefully in your closet. Your trousseau is all packed in bags, the hair and makeup appointments have been fixed. Unless you are Cindrella or have a fairy godmother, chances are that you have to take care of all the wedding related jobs yourself. Amidst all the jobs, one of the key tasks is to select the perfect lingerie to complement your wedding lehenga. You should invest sufficient time in choosing the right innerwear that is great both for style and comfort.

Why do you need bridal lingerie for your lehenga?

You have been eating healthy and watching your weight for over a month now to attain that perfect silhouette in your bridal lehenga. But what good is that figure and curves if they are not accentuated by the perfect bridal lingerie. It is one of the things that slip the minds of many a bride-to-be. We have an amazing collection of bridal innerwear that is not only comfortable for long ceremonies but also gives the bride those gorgeous curves to flaunt in the wedding pictures. We have put together some of the best bridal lingerie options to keep you covered.

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1. Strapless Tube Bras

Strapless Tube Bras


The tube bra is a perfect choice if you have to go for an off-shoulder blouse or strapless corset top. It not only gives you the chance to show off those toned shoulders, but also saves you from ugly straps toning down the beauty of your bridal lehenga blouse. You can go for a padded tube or bandeau bra for a better look.

2.Transparent Bra Strap 

Transparent Bra Strap


Are you afraid of your bra straps falling off and embarrassing you on your D day? Opt for this cotton bra featuring transparent shoulder straps. They go almost invisible under bridal lehenga without spoiling your glam look. The best part is that these straps are removable and can be styled in multiple ways for your other western & ethnic outfits.

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3.Front-Open Bra

Front-Open Bra


Are you planning to sport a plunging neckline with your bridal lehenga? Then these front-open bras should surely be your pick. These double layered bras give you a snug fit even under a fitted blouse. You can also wear the deep neck design in style that you have got meticulously designed for your bridal lehenga.


4. Backless Bra

Backless Bra


If you want to wear that daring backless choli with your bridal lehenga, opt for the backless bra. The thin clear band at the back allows you to wear those low neckline blouses and even bare back ones without ugly strap visibility. It keeps your bust line in shape and accentuates your bridal lehenga designs.

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5. Push up bras

Push up bras


Wish your breasts were a little fuller? No worries as push-up bra is here to your rescue. It lifts your breasts and gives you an enhanced cleavage underneath those heavy bridal blouses by increasing your original bust size by a cup or two. At the same time, padded cups give a no-show effect and instantly boost your confidence.

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6. Balconette



If you’re opting for a wide neck blouse, you need a bra that gives a stylish look and boosts your bust line without strap visibility. Here, a balconette bra is your best bet. Wide set straps ensure great comfort, support as well as appearance. And if you want something that makes you feel gorgeous even on the inside, opt for the balconette bra crafted with lace.

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7. Invisible Bra

Invisible Bra


This new-age bra provides a solution to the most common problem that almost every woman faces with her bridal lehenga: the bra strap or the cup lining playing peek-a-boo and inadvertently making you uncomfortable. This bra is best suited if you have a slender frame. The first option in this category is the stick-on bra that is completely strapless, but can be adjusted from the front. Another option is the silicon cups that come with adjustable transparent bra straps in nude. The straps help in case you have a heavy bust and need an added support.


8. Bra & Panty Sets

Bra & Panty Sets


Take your bridal underfashion a notch higher with matchy-matchy bra & panty sets. There is a wide range of lingerie you can opt for crafted from plush polyamide to luxurious lace to pretty powernet. These sets are also a great pick for a holiday or honeymoon.

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9.Full Figure Bra

Full Figure Bra


Whether you need high coverage or avoid spillage, a full figure bra is the perfect pick for you. It provides that smooth finish under that bridal lehenga with no-show effect. Not to forget, it is the most comfortable bra style you can fit in. Today, you can full figure bras in a plethora of styles and designs as well, so you can have the best of style as well as comfort.


10. Bridal Bras

Bridal Bras


Saving the best for the last, buying bridal bras by Clovia is a no-brainer when you are getting hitched. A sexy bra in a sultry colour with lace and stringy details is sure to make that special day and of course, the night even happier.

Now that you are well versed with the lingerie you need for your bridal lehenga, it’s time you get shopping today! We have a plethora of lingerie especially designed for your bridal trousseau in plush and pretty colours and designs.

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