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10 Best Lingerie Options To Go With Your Bridal Lehenga

Rachika Singh November 12, 2018 10 min read

The D- day has arrived and you have hung your bridal lehenga carefully in your closet. Your trousseau is all packed in bags, the hair and makeup appointments have been fixed. Unless you are Cinderella and have a fairy godmother taking care of all wedding related jobs. You will have to do all of these yourself or get your BAE or mum to do them for you. One of the key tasks is selecting that perfect bridal lehenga and its accessories like the bridal innerwear. A lot of time, care and thinking should be invested by every bride to be in selecting her bridal lingerie, for it is not only a matter of style but also of comfort.

Remember, you need to be on your feet for long hours, not to mention the freezing cold. That’s when wedding usually take place in Indian. Quite a number of brides go in for a bridal lehenga on rent. A lot of ‘practical’ brides feel conscientious about splurging on a grand wedding outfit. The reason being that frankly it would be worn just once and then packed in a cupboard loft. Even then, bridal innerwear is something that all brides do buy for that is something close to your heart, literally!

Why do you need bridal lingerie for your bridal lehenga?

You have been eating healthy and watching your weight for over a month now to attain that perfect silhouette in your bridal lehenga. But what good is a perfect figure and those perfect curves if they are not accentuated by the perfect bridal lingerie. It is one of the things that slip the minds of many a bride-to-be. Clovia offers an amazing collection of bridal innerwear that is not only comfortable to wear during long hours of ceremonies but also give the bride a perfect figure to flaunt in the wedding pictures. We have put together for you some bridal bra options that tick all the right boxes.

1. Strapless Tube Bras

Tube bridal

The tube bra is a perfect choice if you are an adventurous girl going in for an off-shoulder blouse or strapless corset top with your bridal lehenga. Not only does it gives you chance to show off those toned shoulders, but also it saves you from ugly straps toning down the beauty of your bridal lehenga blouse. You can go in for a padded tube bra or a bandeau bra for a better look. The selection of your bridal lingerie will depend on your bridal lehenga designs and the style of the blouse that you have finalized, so you need to get that out of the way first thing.

2.Transparent Bra Strap 

Transparent Strap Bra

Do you have an irrational fear of a strapless bra falling down and embarrassing you on your D day? Fret not, this cotton bras with transparent shoulder straps is the best bra for wedding and is here to solve your issue with making you feel anxious. They go almost invisible under your bridal lehenga without spoiling your glam look. The best part is that these straps are removable and can be used as multi-way straps for your other western & ethnic outfits.

3.Front-Open Bra

Plunge front open bra

Are you planning to sport a plunging neckline with your bridal lehenga? Then, surely these front-open bras should be your pick for the day. These double layered bras give you a snug fit under even a tight fitting blouse and you can wear the deep neck design that you have got meticulously designed for your bridal lehenga. Since you would be exhausted going through the whole host of ceremonies planned for the day, it would be a good idea to select one in cotton rich moisture absorbent fabric. The demi cups with a plunging neckline and your Sabyasachi bridal lehenga are sure to make you shine like a diva on your wedding day.

4. Backless Bra

Backless Bridal

Also known as the transparent back straps bra, this one is for the fashionista in you opting for a backless choli with your bridal lehenga. Being wire-free and non-padded, they are perfect for wearing all day. Demi cups allow for them to be worn with low neckline blouses or even if you plan to wear a short kurti with your bridal lehenga.  The thin clear back band allows you to pair it with a low cut blouse and these bras are multi-way, so you can style the detachable straps as a halter, one shoulder or cross back later with your other dresses. Seamless cups provide ample support with a no-show effect and keep the bust line in shape and accentuating your bridal lehenga designs.

5. Push up bras

Push-Up Bra

Deep Neck Bridal

You have been pushing aside that fried stuff off of your dinner plate and filling it more with veggies just to fit into that Sabyasachi bridal lehenga of yours. Agreed, but then you don’t want to look famished on the final day and you want to flaunt your curves. Bang comes the best bra for wedding attires to the rescue, the push-up bra which lifts your bust to give you an enhanced cleavage and can even increase a cup size or two. The padded cups give you a no-show effect that instantly boosts your confidence for giving a perfect pose to the shutterbugs. You can go for an underwire push up bra if you are comfortable wearing it for long hours during the wedding, as the underwire provides an added lift and support. It’s your wedding and it’s the time for you to splurge, so don’t just settle for a push-up bra alone. You can take your pick from the push-up bra and panty sets that are crafted just for the brides. Push up bras look excellent when paired with a corset.

6. Balconette

Balconette Bra

The wedding day arrives and the bride is treated akin to the queen, and why not, for it’s her day to shine. You are dressed in your finery and you feel like a queen too, except for that uncomfortable bridal innerwear that is making you take frequent trips to the ladies room to adjust it. The balconette gives you a stylized look and boosts up your bust line, but not too much so as to maintain the grace of the bride. Wide straps ensure a good shoulder comfort and are the perfect friend for the heavy bust bride. A strapless balconette is an excellent choice with an off-shoulder corset. Selecting one in satin or lace finish make you feel like a queen from inside too. And do not forget, lace is going to be your friend, once you get married, wink-wink!

7. Invisible Bra

Stick-On Bra

Transparent bridal dress

This new-age bra provides a solution to the most common problem that almost all women face with their bridal lehenga: the bra strap or the cup lining playing peek-a-boo and inadvertently making you uncomfortable. Choosing this bra for wedding though is a bold move and is best suited if you are blessed with a slender frame. The first option in this category is the stick-on bra that comes in a skin as well as black color and can be adjusted from the front as it is completely strapless. The seamless & smooth cups give the required lift to the bust line while completely eliminating the show problem. Another option in invisible bra category is the silicon cups in skin color that come with adjustable transparent bra straps in nude. The straps help in case you have just a heavy bust and give you an added support.

8. Bra & Panty Sets

Why go for a mismatched colour of bra & brief when you can have both in the same color? You will be spoilt for choice in this category as well for with Clovia you can select from a range of bra styles in a plush polyamides & cottons that comes with padded cups. A hipster panty to compliment your underfashion or you can go for luxurious laces and pick up a bra and panty set in lace that is paired with a mid-waist lace bikini. Match your red bridal lehenga with sexy red bridal lingerie which will come in handy when you are packing your luggage for the honeymoon as well.

9.Full Figure Bra


So the cat is out of the bag. We know you’ve been nibbling veggies at the dinner table. But also know that you’ve been taking that tub of ice cream to your room to soothe those pre-wedding nerves. Now the verdict is out that now you do need a full figure bra to give you a perfect finish and for a no-show effect. The full figure bra does that for you, not to mention the additional support that it lends. Contrary to the popular misconception, full figure bras come in many styles and designs to let you enjoy your share of cake and get the perfect bra too. How’s that for a double whammy? The color palette for these bras is wide and varied at Clovia so you needn’t worry about finding that perfect maroon shade that matches your maroon bridal lehenga or that subtle baby pink one.

10. Bridal Bras

Lace Cage Bra


Saving the best for the last, buying bridal bras by Clovia is a no-brainer when you are getting hitched. Your red bridal lehenga is most likely never to see the daylight, unlike you red bridal lingerie. A sexy red bra will be used several times, be it as a bridal innerwear, in your honeymoon or parties. A lacy bralette with a stringy bikini or a cotton bra and panty set; whatever the choice, it is sure to make a special place in  your lingerie drawer.  Full cups, adjustable and stylish straps that will complement that stylish cut of your blouse; all make it a winner. A bridal bra and panty set is one of the favourites of newly wedded brides. Especially the ones that comes in satin and feel like butter on the skin.

What to keep in mind while shopping for bridal lingerie?

The list and your quest for that perfect bridal innerwear don’t stop here. Here’s a quick check-list for you before you start your bridal lingerie shopping spree.

  • The bridal lingerie needs to fit you like your second skin. So make sure you get yourself measured before shopping for it.
  • The color of the bra for wedding needs to match with the color of your bridal lehenga blouse. You wouldn’t want to pair your pink bridal lehenga with a neon bra for starters.
  • Try your bridal blouse with a right bra a little before the D–day. This would ensure that there are no wardrobe malfunctions on the final day.
  • Wear a well-fitted panty underneath. Identify your body type and accordingly choose from a hipster, bikini or boyshorts.
  • If you feel the need, wear a saree shapewear or a tummy tucker, depending on your outfit’s design.
  • Finally, the fabric. It needs to be soft for you would be wearing the bra for long hours. There would be several other occasions when you can wear that slightly uncomfortable but stylish bra. But your wedding day is not that day.
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