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Bras For Monsoon 2021

Bras For Monsoon 2020

While monsoon brings those cosy and romantic vibes. It also gets water puddles, power cuts and the awful smell of all damp clothes, ugh!. And for us women, this possibly means a whole lot of irritation and embarrassment. Sweaty underboob making sweat patches on your favourite top can be the worse nightmare or even worse would be your pretty pink bra showing under a layer of a drenched top.

While most of us Indian women prefer cotton in our wardrobe be it bras, tops, kurtas or sleepwear. Cotton is a very soft fabric and is known for its breathability and light-weight. It’s comfortable, durable and absorbent.

But monsoon in particular calls for a fabric that is quite the opposite of absorbent. For that matter, polyamide bras should be grabbed into consideration. Polyamide has natural fibres that absorb moisture thus drying up quickly. Polyamide too is soft and feels like a second skin.

Both cotton and microfiber bras are impeccable for everyday wear, and while cotton offers more softness, microfiber bras provide a lighter feeling and have a smooth & seamless finish. Then again, choosing amidst them as per the season is a matter of choice. Don’t you worry my girl! We’ve got your back. For such seasons we’ve got a new collection of bras for the monsoon.

All Padded, All Pretty & All Perfect For Monsoon!

Go Nude

nude braNot literally, but you know what I mean. Ah, what a day and damn look at the weather. I should probably wear white today. But what if it rains? I don’t want people to stare at me for all wrong reasons. I feel every girl out there gets extra cautious with her white outfits during monsoons. So ladies don’t you worry. We got you!!

Save yourself from embarrassing show-through by wearing a nude padded bra. Always have a nude bra to pair it with your light & white coloured outfits to avoid embarrassing caused by hefty pours.

Back To Office

Back To OfficeWearing a body-hugging outfit and afraid your nipples would show underneath? Switch to these padded bras. The lightly padded cups add a little volume and shape to the breasts and provides a seamless finish. Made especially for long days at work, these bras are wire-free and cotton-lined for an ultra-soft feel. And, of course, padded, so even if it rains when you’re on your way to or from work, you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing show-through.

Refreshing Prints

Refreshing PrintsColour is just a vision and state of mind of an individual. Women these days experiment with all sorts of prints, from bold animal prints to bright neon prints which looks very eye-catchy when worn under light-coloured net fabric tops or meshes tops. Wear your feeling inside out. Fit into the right mood and feed your appeal with trendy animal printed bras or feel like spring with the colour-splashed and floral print bras. Add some sassy style to your everyday outfit and some colour to your lingerie drawer. Awaken style truths and choose your favourite push-up, caged, racerback, padded, wired or tube bra in the most desired prints. These printed bras come in fun and gorgeous designs that are guaranteed to brighten your mood, despite the gloomy weather. They also have light to heavy padding so you get the right one for yourself. Go on, splash and play and dance in the rain, without any bother of embarrassing moments!

Lace Bralettes For Date Nights

Lace Bralettes For Date NightsPut your lace game forward & upgrade your under fashion wardrobe like never before with our exquisite lace bralette collection. Romantic designs and pastel shades make this collection perfect for monsoons. Everyone loves a pretty lace bra and if they’re padded that’s even better! Lace bra is one of the most flattering undergarments you can don on your body that is sure to make you feel beautiful. The lightly padded cups and underwire give you an enhanced shape, some extra support, and full coverage to avoid a mid-date fashion blooper!



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