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3 Types of Shapewear for your Bridal Outfits

Talk about weddings and what comes first to mind are gorgeous bridal dresses. Girls are very particular about their wedding outfits. Planning starts from months before the big day. The perfect dress, heels, jewellery and what not! But, what about the perfect shapewear for the bridal outfit, do girls often miss out on it?

After following a strict diet routine and sweating for hours at the gym every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. Shapewear might not instantly help you lose kilos but can definitely help you lose some inches. After achieving that body you aimed for, making it look flattering with shapewear won’t hurt anyone, right?

But the problem arises, what type of shapewear to will work best with your bridal outfit. So here are 5 types of shapewear styles for different bridal outfits.

  1. Tummy Tucker for Lehenga


What shapewear to wear under a lehenga can be quite a daunting task. Because of the short blouse design and visible tummy, it becomes very difficult to find shapewear to wear underneath that does peep out.

Try Clovia’s mid waist tummy tucker that controls the lower belly fat and gives a contoured look under lehengas without creating unsightly bulges and muffin top.


2.  Saree Shapewear for Sarees

For all these years, women have been dealing with plain Jane cotton saree petticoats. The main disadvantage of a regular petticoat is that it makes you look bloated and shapeless. The elastic drawstring if tied snugly often results in rashes and muffin tops.

Switch to Clovia’s saree shapewear. Featuring a seamless design crafted with targeted compression to contour your waist, hips, back and thighs giving you a more sculpted figure. The side slit makes it convenient to walk in while retaining the beautiful mermaid shape. The waistband is strong enough to hold in heavy bridal sarees and soft enough to leave your skin rash-free.


3. Bodysuit for Floor-Length Gowns


The most popular pre-bridal outfits are Anarkali kurtas or floor-length evening gowns. These are usually heavily embellished which tends to flatten out your breasts and give you an unshapely figure.

Opt for Clovia’s full bodysuit shapewear that works all the way from your torso to thighs. It gives a controlled compression to your body giving you an hourglasses figure under those gorgeous outfits.

So all you to-be brides always remember to pick the correct bridal shapewear for your gorgeous bridal outfit. This is one way to ensure that you look great and feel confident on your D day. You can browse through a range of different shapewear for brides before you pick the one that matches your outfit the best.


Pro Tip:

Always stay true to your size. Don’t make the mistake of picking a smaller size of shapewear thinking it’ll make you look slimmer. Trust me, darling, it’ll make you look exactly how you never wanted.



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