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Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie Shopping

Whatever the occasion may be, lingerie can quite possibly be your girl’s best friend. It is, after all, what supports her and makes her feel complete when she’s stepping out for the day.

And nothing speaks confidence clearly on the outside, when one feels sexy and at-ease on the inside.

Here’s all you need to know about buying the perfect lingerie for that special woman in your life.

P.S. you can thank us later!




Know the Numbers: To make things a lot simpler, try not to play the guessing game. Our suggestion: the next time she’s not in the room, just browse through her lingerie drawer and make sure you check out at least three brands for both bras and panties. That should give you a good idea which size section to browse in.



Know the Latest Trends: Stay informed. Buying lingerie is a much more complex process than picking up a pack of 3 boxer shorts. The world of lingerie offers something for every woman for every season – right from baby doll dress to teddies, thongs to hipsters and tube bras to halter neck bras.



Know What Your Woman Likes: The fact that you’re looking to surprise her with lingerie tells us that you must know her better than most people in her life. Get under her skin and understand what kind of lingerie will suit her personality the best. Think of words that aptly describe the woman of your dreams – Maybe she’s romantic and has a penchant for all things lacy and vintage? Maybe she’s playful and loves Pokémon and Hello Kitty? Or maybe she enjoys being ravishingly seductive and would enjoy something kinky and risqué?



Lastly, Know that Presentation is Key: First impressions always count. So take the time to make her surprise extra special – maybe get a cute, heart-shaped box, fill it with elegant paper wisps and top the box off with a chic bow.

Stick to these tips and we guarantee that you simply cannot go wrong with making this surprise a memorable one. Happy Shopping!


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