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Best Bra for All Necklines According to Face & Body Shape


Sometimes knowing particular neckline fits to your figure can really enhance more flattering effect to the entire look. Think carefully about the neckline you want to dress, and which is the best bra to wear underneath. Know what outfits flatter you the most. Just be confident with outfits you want to pull off, and always look for comfort in most elegant way.

1. Halter Neckline

Because they attract attention to the center of the body, halters are perfect for women with tall and/or broad shoulders. They cut broad shoulder lines up and also add curves. This shape is incredibly flattering, and is made for those with hourglass type.

Bra Solution: Halter Bras

Strapless bras aren’t the only solution to halter tops. Halter bras too adapt to the silhouette.

2. Boatneck

Boatneck is great for offsetting wide hips since it softly follows curve of the collarbone and tends to make shoulders visually wider.  Generally, these look best on women with long necks and smaller heads because the style can make both look wider. It also enhances chest area so it’s great for ladies with small chest.

Bra Solution: Balconette Bra

On a look out for something classy to wear under your low & wide-cut necklines? Look no more, here comes the balconette bra with its wide set shoulder straps.

3. Crew Neckline

Also known as round neck, this neckline is classic, simple and super versatile. It’s basically a neckline that suits all body type. This style is more flattering if you have a short neck as long as you choose a style with a deeper scoop.

Bra Solution: T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bra with minimal lining and seams is best suited here. The bra doesn’t poke out from underneath and forms a seamless silhouette.

4. Cowl Neckline

Basically, a cowl neck is a draped woman’s neckline in rounded folds that hangs in a loosely fashionable way. This style is all about highlighting the neckline for a unique yet subtle look. It adds dimension to a small chest yet can magically downplay the well-endowed, creating a leaner appearance. It’s best for those of you who have longer necks. Make sure it doesn’t go too low, you don’t want to flash anyone.

Bra Solution: Plunge Bra

Love a deep V but don’t want to flash the world your bra (or your boobs)?  Try plunge bra.

5. Off Shoulders

These necklines sit off the shoulder or below them and run along the collarbone. They are similar to boat necklines in that they generally cut across the figure nearly horizontally, but significantly lower, below the shoulders and collarbone. They have an incredibly flattering appearance on pear body shape. These are best for the well-endowed as it enhances flattering yet elegant effect around bust area.

Bra Solution: Strapless Bra

Don a strapless bra underneath and show off your shoulders in that dress. Worry no more about yanking up your dress the entire night.

6. Backless 

Lastly,  the backless neckline which is obviously flattering and alluring, perfect for all body types. For thin women, these necklines work without major problems. Be confident, play safe and look for comfort first.

Bra Solution: Silicon Bras

Backless bodices are basically off-limits for anyone bigger than a C-cup. But that doesn’t mean that ladies who opt for this look don’t need support. Silicon bras are here to the rescue!




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