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Men’s Gifting Guide to Lingerie Wear for New Year 2021

Men's Gifting Guide to Lingerie Wear for New Year 2019

The new year is just around the corner and so is the problem of finding the ideal New Year’s gift for your girlfriend. While the idea of the ideal gift is alienated for most of the men but gifting something intimate and naughty has always crossed across every guy’s mind. And who minds lingerie? Honestly speaking guys, women love lingerie gifts by their special someone.

Intimate wear and lingerie prove to be the perfect new year’s gift girlfriend /wife because when you step towards the new year, you aim for new beginnings, and what could be better than gifting your girlfriend a promise of a New Year of Intimacy!

However, the problem is yet to be sorted. The problem isn’t gifting her lingerie but the problem is what kind of lingerie should you gift. With a variety of options available, deciding what kind of lingerie would be suitable for your girlfriend can be a tough task. To be your helping hand, we are here with Men’s gifting guide to lingerie wear for New Year 2021.

Just like the world of lingerie has innumerate varieties, different girls have different personalities and their choices for intimate wear are as diverse as their personalities and moods. Some may like to cuddle up in cosy loungewear while others might want to flaunt all those trending pieces. We understand that every girl is different and so here’s a quick guide to make it easier for you to pick the apt new year’s gift for your better half.

Bralettes for the Fashionable Girlfriend

Bralettes for the Diva Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a fashionista whose outfit is beyond perfection from head to toe the bralettes are the right option for her. Clovia bralettes are far more prettier than ordinary bras because they are mostly crafted with exotic lace fabrics and feature a very sexy back design. What makes Clovia bralettes stand out in the queue is the fact that they are meant to be seen! Bralettes can be styled as a crop top with pants, as a top under a blazer and even with a maxi skirt.  Worry not, your girlfriend will definitely find another unique way to style it! Another reason we suggest bralettes is because you don’t really need to know her exact size, small, medium, large would work as fine.

You might not get lucky if your choice of lingerie doesn’t match perfection level that your diva wants, but we are here to help,

Clovia recommends:


Comfy Nightwear for the Chilled-Out Girlfriend

Cosy Nightwear

Does your girlfriend prefer no-makeup days over that perfectly winged eyeliner? Does she prefer ordering cheese-burst pizza over going out to a fine-dining restaurant? Is she someone who is enclosed in her comfort zone and prefers her comfort over fashion?

If you’ve been silently saying yes in your head then a cozy nightsuit is what you should be gifting her this New Year’s. Explore Clovia’s  ‘cute like your girlfriend’ range of nightwear that has adorable characters and quirky quotes to cheer up your girlfriend. This could be a great thoughtful gift and she would love wearing something to bed that’s been gifted by you to her. 

Babydoll for the Sexy Diva Girlfriend


If you are in a long-term relationship or newly-married and longing to spice up your love life go for babydolls. They on the list of newly-wedded brides as well as also those sexy divas. If your girlfriend is made up of sugar, spice and everything nice then she’s bound to love babydoll nightwear.  Babydoll style is similar to a short dress, except the fact that these are smokin’ hawt because of it sheer fabric and skin-showing cuts and designs.  If that’s something which might make you indecisive about gifting her one, you can always pick for babydolls that are crafted with non-sheer fabrics like satin, jacquard etc.

And if you’re sure she won’t mind then go ahead and set the mood right with sheer fabrics, ruffled skirts, bust knots, front open designs and other beyond sexy styles. Choose from a number of colors and varieties but going for flirty pinks, intense blacks or red hots.

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Nighty and Robe sets for the Homemaker

 Nighty & Robe

If your wife is a homemaker then you need to travel the midway between comfort and style.  Nighty & robe sets are the apt pick for the homemakers or comfort-loving women, but since it is a New Year’s gift you always spice it up a bit. Clovia’s nighty & robe sets are not the plain jane ones. You can pick a sexy noodle strap nighty that has pretty see-through lace cuts to flatter her body and please your eyes.  An ideal bedroom product for the special nights, what more? It comes with a wrap-around robe for times when she wants to step out of the bedroom.

7 piece Satin Nightwear Sets for the Versatile Girlfriend

Satin Nightwear Set

Often, guys find themselves at a juncture where they feel that their girl has multiple personalities. Just kidding, actually not! And if you feel the same way and are still confused about whether she is a fashionista,  a chilled-out girlfriend a homely one, or if she’s everything at once then opt for a nightwear combo.

Clovia has a range of satin nightwear combos that offer 5-11 pieces of nightwear. From top, pyajama, short nighty, long nighty, robe, bra, bikini, eye mask, to slippers; it has everything she needs for a peaceful sleep. Pick one of these sets and let her match it with her mood.

Quite a versatile deal for a versatile girlfriend!

Guys, you need to understand that every woman feels she’s different and special and wants to feel beautiful in her own skin. And by gifting her lingerie or nigghtwear you’re going to make her feel confident about her body and there’s nothing better you can do to make her feel great about herself.  We are done with those boring whites and black and they are too old-fashioned for us. So, this 2021 we are bringing in a sexy range of lingerie & nightwear for your girl to make her feel special within.

Go to and get shopping. You can always check the elaborate sizing chart and pick the correct size for her if not, don’t worry 30 days return and exchange policy anyways gets you covered.

We hope, the gifting guide helps you pick the perfect New Year Present for her

Wish you a happy new year and a bra-amazing night! 😉


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