How to Spice Up Your Lingerie with Bra Accessories
Bra Accessories to Upgrade Your Bra Game
August 28, 2023

Too many days of basic bras and cotton underwear can make you look down at your lingerie drawer and sigh. But boredom shouldn’t cost you hundreds on brand new unmentionables. Every woman in society, from puberty to the rest of her life, wears a bra almost every day. But it’s surprising to know that a lot …

Best Valentine Gift for Her
February 5, 2023

Forego the standard rose bouquet and chocolate heart this year. With so many new & inventive ways to express your love for her, how can you choose just the old-school one? Valentine’s Day is all about the love you share, not necessarily the money you spend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your leading …

Top 10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Valentine This Year
February 1, 2023

Here comes Cupid’s day! I know Valentine’s Day sometimes can go wrong and can often be associated with disappointment and unmet expectations, but guys, not this year! This time make your partner feel like the most loved person on this planet. What do girls like? Talking hearts, stuffed animals, and handmade chocolates are not good …

10 Essential Undergarments Every Woman Must Own
December 9, 2022

Many women still don’t realise the power of the right undergarments. The correct undergarment for women makes you unbelievably confident & relaxed. The foundation of every outfit is the correct undergarment, it can make or break the look. But the question is how to determine the best undergarments for you. Worry not! Here, we offers up …

• Breeze through summer in these top 6 cotton bras
The 6 Best Cotton Bras Every Woman Needs in Summer
April 22, 2019

Just like thigh rubbing or chaffing, bust sweating is one of those irritating summer annoyances that many women have to deal with. Excess sweat sits on your bust and leads to chaffing and itching. However, ladies, the good news is that not all bras are so stifling, Some of them are actually designed to help …

Top 5 Best Bra Designs To Wear With Sarees
November 2, 2018

Saree is the favourite outfit in every girl’s wardrobe that is best to make waves on any party or function. To make it a hit a more detailed attention needs to be paid to the right choice of blouses to go with your saree. The right bra holds the power to enhance your figure and …

Bras for Office Wear
Top 10 Bras for Office Wear
October 31, 2018

Women today have made strides in the workplace and so has their sense in fashion. Work clothes are no longer tagged as suits, blazers, starched shirts, and tailored trousers, so why should the bras? No matter how great your work wear is, a simple bra can ruin it. While a good and fitted bra for …

Top 5 Best Bras for Sagging Breasts
Top 5 Bras to Lift Your Saggy Breasts
October 26, 2018

With age, comes a lot of good things and while you’re moving past the age, you may notice something that’s not so great about getting older: sagging breasts is one of them. Take a sigh of relief for you are not alone. As you age, it’s normal for some of your assets to start drifting …

Guys! Read & Learn: The Key Rules of Buying Her Lingerie
Guys! Read & Learn: The Key Rules of Buying Her Lingerie
August 30, 2018

Get your head straight, you need to banish those Victoria’s Secret images. Your girl is not one of those models (if she is, she’s already got plenty of lingerie). Your brain is trying to graft her head onto Sara Sampaio’s body and that’s only going to happen in Photoshop. It’s no longer about what you think is sexy. If you’re …

Traits of Best Sports Bra Ideal to Be Your Gym Buddy
Traits of Best Sports Bra Ideal to Be Your Gym Buddy
August 29, 2018

Your sports bra is your best pal, it holds you close, offers you comfort and gives absolute support. Which are in broad terms quantified as the characteristics of a good old friend, whom you can obviously trust. The question here is how to identify the best sports bra under the humongous heap of bras? The …

Reasons Why You Should Switch To a Non-Wired Bra

The battle between an underwired bra and a non-wired bra has been the talk of the lingerie world for years now. Before we discuss the pros of switching to a wire-free bra, it is important we know the broad difference between a non-wired and an underwired bra. Non-Wired Bra They are more of a comfort …

How to Pack Your Lingerie like a Pro
How to Pack Your Lingerie like a Pro
August 27, 2018

Learning how to pack efficiently is the key to lightening your luggage. Here, we share useful tips to streamline your lingerie packing for a stress-free vacation. There are many problems while packing for a vacation. One of them is packing your lingerie. Time to learn some tips on how to pack your lingerie like a …

Why Switching Over To Cotton Undies Is Best For You?
August 24, 2018

The right pair of pants can make the difference between a good and a bad day, they can boost your confidence and a comfortable pair of pants makes everyone happy right? Cotton undies are the best… Why is cotton the best for you? In a perfect world, our underwear would be made of nothing but …

Sneak Peek into a Party Girl’s Lingerie Drawer
Sneak Peek into a Party Girl’s Lingerie Drawer
August 21, 2018

What really holds the key to a knock-out party outfit is what you wear underneath. Be it a cleavage-enhancing bra or industrial-strength control pants; make sure to start at the foundations.  The power of a lingerie is not to be underestimated, a good one will work wonders for your silhouette not to mention your confidence. …

Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Tight Bra Right Away
Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Tight Bra Right Away
August 9, 2018

Did you know? Your bra leaving you with wounds is not really a sign of how much it loves you! In fact, it’s the opposite. We’ve all been through the trauma of those nasty red marks our tight bra straps leave behind. It is for sure not a pretty sight, is it? Here a couple of …