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Hit The Beach In Style With Theses Vacay Must-Haves

Summer is synonymous with beach, so embrace this season with a beach holiday. Gear up with the right vacay must-haves to hit the waters in style! Picking the right kind of products can make your trip a blissful one. Beauty products, lingerie or footwear, they all need to be location-perfect. A beach is a place that just doesn’t require any make-up except sunscreen and loads of sunscreen. Denim shorts and a tee can be your everyday go-to outfit for the beach. Pick low waist bikini panties so that they don’t peek under your low rise denim and a nude padded bra will help you solve modesty issues when playing around in the water.

1. Suns Out Buns Out

A swimwear carries more importance than anything else when you’re travelling to a beach. Catch up with the trends with cut-out monokinis or colour blocked bikinis. Sheer and mesh are totally in this season. You can shop for swimsuits online and steal the latest runway trends.

2. A tote to the Shore


Going to the shore empty-handed wouldn’t be a good idea. So get a beach bag ready and handy for the sand. Stuff it with all the beach goodies you might need. A pair of mirrored sunglasses, lots of sunscreens, a hand towel and a water bottle to quench your thirst!

3. Fun, Flirty & Young!

Cover up at the beach with some cute ruffles and strings. Easy to slip on and tie, they come handy every time you step out of the waters. You can skirt the dimpling issues too if you don’t like to flaunt your legs. Grab it for a quick lunch at the beachside with your friends!

4. Head to Heels


The sun is stronger on the beach, the intensity of the sun doesn’t change but since the atmosphere is clearer, the sun hits your skin harder. So carry a floppy hat to cover your face to minimize tanning. A water-proof moisturizer is a must-have for a sunny day at the beach. Avoid walking barefoot on the hot sand instead grab onto some pretty flip-flops!

5. Romance Taking Over

Nothing is as romantic as a stroll at the boardwalk and a candle light dinner with your hottie! Show your true side, naughty or nice; dress up for this special night! Throw on a sexy beach dress or a sultry babydoll and just watch him fall head over heels for you.


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