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Best Bras for Large Breasts

If you’re blessed with bigger boobs, you’ll know how tough it is to shop for bras. While small busts tend to be able to wear anything—underwired, bralettes, you name it—those with larger breasts tend to seek out more substantial support. But where can you find supportive and best bras that also go up to the larger cup sizes?

Answer. Clovia, for those gifted with breasts that are larger than life. This is the place for you!

“Plus Size” or “Full Figure”?

Do you know if you’re looking for a “plus size bra” or a “full figure” bra? There’s a big difference. Plus size refers to the band size. There’s no standard definition, but “plus size” will begin at a band size of 40. On the other hand, “full figure” or “full bust” refers to the cup size.

If you have large breasts and wear a DD cup or higher, you’re looking for “full figure” bras. Your size might also fit into both categories (for example if you’re a 42F).

Since breasts come in different shapes and sizes, it’s important to know your unique breast shape before purchasing a new bra. Some of the following best bras provide a better fit for large breasts.

1. Molded T-Shirt Bra

Because this is a molded T-Shirt bra, it’s perfect for everyday wear. It also comes in a wide selection of sizes with cup sizes, so it’s great for those with bigger breasts. Its design also encapsulates each breast and offer full coverage, making it the perfect everyday bra if you wear a big cup size.

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2. Subtle Underwired Bra

This bra is designed with larger cup sizes. The underwires provides lift and support, and the the design is pretty and detailed. The lined cups provide a rounded shape. Available in several colors.

3. Full Coverage Bras

Crafted in neutral colors and designed especially for large cups (D+). It’s suited for breasts that are either full on bottom or full on top, so it works with all shapes. The tall gore encapsulates each breast, and this bra provides lift and support.

4. Sports Bra

Sports bra features seamless material, with a combination of compression and encapsulation, making it comfy enough for all-day wear. This lightweight bra offers sufficient support and is breathable so boob sweat is kept to a minimum. And the wide shoulder straps are a bonus!

5. Lace Bras

Because this list isn’t complete without a sexy option. This bra is available in bigger cup sizes so it’s designed with bigger breasts in mind. The extra lace and straps add some va va voom!

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