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Top 5 Best Bra Designs To Wear With Sarees

Saree is the favourite outfit in every girl’s wardrobe that is best to make waves on any party or function. To make it a hit a more detailed attention needs to be paid to the right choice of blouses to go with your saree. The right bra holds the power to enhance your figure and the entire look of your blouse depends on it. So take a dig at knowing the right match for your blouse and you might get that extra edge to shine a little more than others in the party.

Therefore, before buying the right bra type for your blouse you must make sure you get the measurements recorded accurately whenever you are considering getting a fitting for your blouse. The entire look of the saree banks on your blouse. Note whether the tailor is taking correct measurements before he stitches the blouse.

A well-fitted blouse never allows its sleeves to rise or fall when you raise your hands. At the same time, it has enough room to move your arms. Always make sure that your bra tailor uses your bra size for your blouses. It gives you the right cup size. Every woman has a different body and variance in size. Thus knowing your correct bra size is important not only for getting the perfect bra but for also crafting the perfect blouse for your saree too. Remember to take your bra fit test before going for a blouse fitting.

Now that you’re well versed with the importance of knowing you’re right bra size. It’s time we learn about the #underfashion essentials for your saree blouses. We’re here to help! Listed below are 5 different bra types that are best to pair with your blouse the next time when you will step out in a saree.

1. Padded T-shirt bras

T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras are crafted with seamless padded cups which are a great option to make the cup size and silhouette look good while also hiding the nipples which are visible in a normal non-padded bra. You can wear them with both, your light sheer sarees and the heavy silk, cotton and linen sarees. Channel the no-show confidence with a padded bra. You can choose the bra cups style (full cup/demi cup/deep plunge) depending on your blouse’s neckline.

2. Push-Up Bra

push-up bra

If you are flaunting a heavy embroidered blouse, then a push-up bra is the best match for your saree. It works like magic and provides volume to smaller breasts instantly. A push-up bra comes in 3 impact levels depending upon the lift it provides to the breasts, with 1 being the lowest. Based on the amount of oomph & sexiness you want to add to your saree, choose the best push-up bra for you.

3. Backless Bra

transparent bra

Your stylish off-shoulder or deep back blouse can be carried freely in a backless bra. This is a must-have bra for fashion-conscious women who try different cut dresses. The transparent straps on the back and shoulders support your breasts while making it look decent on a bare (deep) back. For more tricky blouses you can go for a silicon bra which has no straps and sticks directly to the breasts.

4. Strapless Bra

strapless bra

The functionality of a strapless bra stands true to its name. It naturally does not have straps and is normally supported by the under the band. You may be expecting less support and comfort due to the absence of straps but most of the strapless bras have silicon taping on the inside to offer better support to the breasts. You can wear it with all your off-shoulder and boat neck blouses.  This is a bra every fashion-forward woman needs to have in their wardrobe.

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The strapless bra can also be disguised as a multiway bra by attaching straps to it (if that option is available to your bra piece). The multiway/convertible bras allow you to wear its straps in a lot of stylish ways, thus adding versatility to your bra wardrobe.

5. Minimizer Bra

minimizer bra

If you’re gifted with heavy breasts then this is the bra for you. A minimizer bra is designed to evenly distribute breast tissue, thus offering more support to heavy breasts. If you are wearing a slim-fit top of the blouse and want to reduce the breast size then try out the minimizer bra. It will reduce your appearance by a cup size of 1-2. Take the natural way to reduce breasts naturally! If at all you need a seamless finish to your blouse but also seek support for your breasts then an underwired bra is your next best pick. The wire under the bust is designed to offer support and a slight natural lift to your breasts so that they don’t seem saggy.


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