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5 Most Common Bra Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Kurtis


While we all love donning our classic summer maxis, distressed boyfriend jeans and oversized shirts, with festive season in full swing and family gatherings filling your schedule, wearing your favorite traditional kurtis seem like the perfect choice. While there is nothing more comfortable than sliding into these breathe-all-day cotton kurtas, ladies these days have managed to goof up even the most easiest thing to don in the sartorial dictionary. No! I’m are not referring to your desi style statements, in fact, it’s your ‘bra’ game underneath your kurtas that has completely gone down the hill.

Wondering what exactly are I’m getting at?

Well, I’ve  nailed down top five non-debatable no-no’s that you ladies need to keep in check the next next you decide to don one of your go-to kurtas.!

P.S: Now is your time to take your lingerie game a lot more seriously!

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1. Seamless Troubles

Seamless bra


You might not be in one of your all-time envy-worthy bandage dresses, but that by no means is an excuse to not opt for a seamless bra. A good moulded bra takes care of all your extra spillage and gives you a rounder and a curvier look. Your breasts need to look and feel good at all times, tight-fitted bodysuits or loose breezy kurtas, irrespective! Especially if you are wearing a kurti with no embroidery or work, side bulges or top bulges can be very prominent.  A good moulded cotton bra will do the trick.  


2. Nipple Alert

Slim padded bra

While we are super conscious about our nip peeks underneath our bodycon dresses, we tend to take this a teeny bit for granted under our comfortable and embroidered kurtas. We get it, the chances of a nip peeks is 1/90 underneath your designer kurta, but why wait to take precautions, till it actually happens? But if you plan on wearing a fitted solid kurti, stay clear of bras without any padding at all. Opt for at least a lightly padded bra or a spacer cup bra to save you from those embarrassing situations.


3. Color Riot

Red Bra

Wearing bright and colorful patterned bras under your sheer kurtas is a major No-No! While that combination might work beautifully at the beach, it is not some experiment you want to give a spin at your next family gathering. Try to match your bra colour with your kurtis, pick a red bra for a sheer red cotton anarkali kurti or a black bra for a black Lucknowi kurti. But it that doesn’t work for specific colour pick a nude bra. Ensure your bras are not visible to the naked eye and your guests.


4. Push em’ Up

Push-Up Bra

We have all got those heavily embellished & embroidered kurtas that weigh a ton. Donning these designer cotton kurtis weigh your shoulders down by the end of the day. Now, imagine the pressure and weight it puts on your boobs. The last thing you need under your luxe designer kurtas is for your breasts to sag or to look flat. The best way out? Go for push up bras. These bras ensure your bosoms stay uplifted even under too much pressure. Consider these push ups the next time you want your girls to be rescued. Push-up bras are usually underwired and always padded. This way you get a 3-in-1 benefit deal. Covered with padding, lifted with underwires and pushed up with push-up cookies.

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5.Draw The Line

Transparent Bra

Just as it is not cool to show your colorful bras underneath your sheer kurtas, showing off your bra straps at a family gathering isn’t cool too either. We can all plead guilty to this blunder.  Be it underneath your saree blouse or casual tees, ensure your bra straps are nowhere close to visible.  Go ahead and splurge on some must-have strapless or transparent strap bras. Will save you from major fashion faux pas moments.  Flaunt those backless and halter kurtis with ease now.

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