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7 Ways to Style Bralette in Winter

7 Ways to Style Bralette in Winter

One of the sexiest and sassiest underfashion essential you can have in your closet is a bralette. Being the perfect combination of a bra and crop top, bralettes have changed the innerwear game significantly. And while it is quite easy to wear them in summer, pulling them off in winter can be a challenging task. But hey, we are here to make your predicament easy. We have enlisted some super cool 7 ways to style bralettes in winter to get those perfect OOTD pictures without feeling the winter chills.


1. Long Duster Coat:


Long Duster Coat


Nothing screams fashion more than layering and if it’s a longline duster coat, even better. This works great for casual outings as well as parties. Don’t forget to pair it right though!


2. Deep Neck Jumper:


Deep Neck Jumper


Want your pretty bralette to play peek-a-boo? Wear it underneath a deep neck jumper and show off those pretty things. This not only looks super cute but also provides the much needed warmth in the frosting weather.


3. Fur Jacket:


Fur Jacket


When you think about winter clothing, fur is the first thing that strikes your mind and for good reason. It is super cozy, fluffy and of course, stylish. Pair this winter essential with a lacy bralette and get ready to beat the chills. Don’t forget to carry a scarf along, just in case!


4. Biker Jacket:


Biker Jacket


Baby, it’s cold outside! This is why we recommend you to wear your longline bralette with a leather jacket and slay that biker chic look. To make your outfit even sassier, pair a matchy skirt along!


5. Oversized Cardigan:


Oversized Cardigan


If you want to show off that sexy bralette you’re wearing underneath, wear an oversized cardigan along preferably with a deep neck. The revealing bralette is sure to add that fashion factor even during your otherwise monotonous winter wear.


6. Sheer Sweater:


Sheer Sweater


Is it that winter phase which isn’t very cold? Go a little bold and wear that lace bralette underneath a sheer sweater. It is a very sexy and interesting combination without going all out in chills.

7. Scoop Back Jumper:


Scoop Back Jumper


To pull off this look, all you need is a cozy low back jumper. Choose a bralette with pretty back and let it peek out. A cage back or racerback would be the best bet for this look.


So, what are you waiting for? Show off your fancy bralettes and be the fashionista by trying one of our unique styling ways mentioned above.

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