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Know The Right Bra Cup For Your Breast Type

Editorial Desk August 10, 2017 2 min read

Types of Bra Cups

Hey ladies, it’s very important for you to know the types of bra cups available. Understanding the usage of each bra cup style can help you pick the right bra for the right outfit. Let’s have a look at the most commonly used and available bra cup styles.

Full Cup

A full cup offers maximum coverage to your breasts. Such bras often have broader side wings to reduce side spillage and broad shoulder straps for a better hold. They are ideal to be worn on an everyday basis. Full cup bras are perfect to be worn under formal outfits when you don’t want much skin show.

Full Cup

Half Cup

A half cup bra is often known as a demi-cup bra. It offers you half the coverage of a full cup bra. The cups end slightly above the apex. A demi bra or a half cup bra is ideal for slightly lower necklines. However, most of the push-up bras are crafted with half cups which allows creating a visible cleavage depending on the levels of a push-up.

Half Cup

Balconette Cup

The horizontal cut gives an illusion of fuller breasts. Usually, these bras come with underwired cups to gently lift your breasts, creating a cleavage and making it look fuller. Wide-set shoulder straps are the main distinguishing feature of a balconette bra. This feature makes a balconette cups an ideal pick for wide neck tops & dresses, eliminating ugly strap peeks.

Balconette Cup

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