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Jet, Set, Go! The Ultimate Lingerie Travel Packing Checklist

Are you a wanderer? If yes, then we understand the amount of adrenaline rush you get from all that travel and whatever happens, you are gonna keep it going, right? It’s easy for a man to travel long haul journeys because they can stay with or without some of the necessities but for women, it’s really a difficult deal.

So, to sort out all your difficulties, we have created a run down of must have lingerie for a woman who loves travelling so that you don’t have to compromise with your essentials wherever you and in whatever condition you are.

Sexy Bra

Convertible Bras

A convertible bra is actually a space saver as well as a perfect companion for a woman on the go. If you have some good convertible bras packed in your bag, you are ready to wear any T-shirt or any backless dress with the same bra underneath. It saves you a lot of space in that backpack and plays a spontaneous role in different conditions.

Camisole for women


A camisole is a girl’s friend in many ways. You can adorn it under a shirt when feel like in a casual mood or wear it in a sporty manner on ripped denims or on blue shorts for a party look.

Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts have no lines and seams and are always a comfortable companion. So, if on an early morning you have to rush to another place and you don’t feel like changing your clothes, you can simply relax in those pair of shorts.

Dual Panties

Dual Panties

If you are travelling during that time of the month than it is a must to keep panties with you that can be worn one on another. Makes to keep thin cotton panties and not just stick to thongs. This way, you can travel freely and stay worry free about those stains.



It is the most special item in your lingerie bag. Whether you wanna go for a swim on the beach or a dip in the pool a bikini comes in handy. Also this black bikini bridges the gap between fashionista and sporty surfer girl perfectly. It is simple in cut and sports a great pattern. It is easy to carry and the colour goes well with any outfit whether a shear top or a casual t-shirt.

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