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Fitness Funda – Which Activewear is Best for You

Editorial Desk August 1, 2019 3 min read

What’s the Deal with Activewear - Get to Know More About This Global Sensation?

If you’re into working out, you either slip into a baggy t-shirt and track pants every morning or have an entire section of your wardrobe dedicated to gym wear. For both these types of people, activewear is a must-have.

If you’re completely in the dark about what active-wear is, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything about it. Read on to find out!

What is Active-wear?

You know that feeling when your gym outfit doesn’t look good enough? Well, turns out a lot of people share the same feeling- and this is where active-wear comes in.

Active-wear is a workout ensemble crafted specially to meet your gym needs. Of course, it’s stylish- but more importantly, it provides the right kind of support and comfort. With active-wear, you can kill it at the gym, and look fly doing it!


So, what does active-wear bring to the table?

What exactly does active-wear consist of? Here are the three main elements of the super stylish ensemble:


A Sports Bra for full support

Padded Seamless Sports Bra with RacerbackOf course, you wear a bra to the gym (duh!), but are you sure it’s the right kind of bra? If you work out regularly, and still don’t know the wonders of a sports bra, you’ve been missing out, friend. A sports bra is specially designed to support your bust completely during workouts so that they hardly move. Don’t worry, they won’t compress your lungs- the material is soft and breathable for maximum comfort.


Now, active-wear takes things up a notch, and brings to you three different kinds of sports bras, tailored to suit your kind of workout. The low-impact sports bra provides adequate support for exercises of low intensity, like yoga. With medium-impact, you can comfortably engage in exercises like cycling and spinning. And if you’re into intense cardio, the high-impact sports bra is the match for you.


Power leggings for powerful ladies

Cotton Gym/Sports Activewear TightsDitch that old, boring tracksuit and get yourself some amazing power leggings! These stretchable, breathable tights fit you like a second skin and are perfect for the good old morning jog. Also, if you’re worried about being sweaty, the fabric of these yoga pants for women has anti-microbial characteristics and moisture-wicking tendencies that make sure that you look fresh and fabulous even after a 6-mile run.


Training tees are the best

Gym/Sports Activewear T-shirtIf you want to wear t-shirts to the gym, why not invest in some super-stylish and comfortable ones? The active-wear gym t-shirts are made from cotton fabric, and the anti-microbial characteristics make sure that you remain odour -free even after your workout sesh.


That jacket tho!

Ah, the super stylish post-workout jacket. You should definitely get one if you want to look like a celeb walking out of the gym. Not only does it work perfectly with your workout ensemble, but it is also very comfortable to wear and rock!

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