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Styling Gym Wear According to Your Body Type

Styling Gym Wear According to Your Body Type

Choosing the right activewear for your workout can be a challenge, you should consider the fabric, the elasticity and sometimes the colour also plays a major role. A huge part of your workout routine is confidence and dressing right takes a huge step forward to that. Have you ever wondered why there are so many mirrors at your gym? Do you think they are there merely to check your form?

Of course not! You would be lying if you say you never checked out your gym outfit while working out. Yes, it’s indeed fascinating to admire your beauty. But what’s the best thing you can do to look impressive, obviously to pick the right outfit, even at the gym. It’s a really smart move if you know how to style your activewear according to your body type. Read more to find out what outfit is best suited for you.

1. Hourglass Figure

Hourglass FigureThis Kylie Jenner body type means girl, you have curves to die for! we would definitely recommend you those outfits that can flaunt your perfect hourglass figure. It is said, “ when you have curves flaunt them ” (you also can use it for your gram’s caption too) 😉

Basically try tops with a V-neck or a low-cut neckline to flatter your bust. Flaunt your tiny waistline in a gym crop-shirt and that pear-shaped booty high-waisted leggings. Also, straight fitness trousers suit your curves perfectly, since they balance your shape. We also recommend you to avoid those clingy fitness outfits, which reveal your figure way too much, after all, you don’t want everyone in the gym to start staring at you.

2. Pear Figure

Pear FigureWith curvy hips and a petite top-frame, the pear figure should pick clothes that draw the eye upward and highlight the waist or back. Wear tops with trendy necklines, cut-outs designs and bright colours, this gives you an attractive look and draws attention away from your problem zone. Try wearing tank tops which can draw attention to your upper body. Also, try to avoid tight-fitting leggings that visually accentuate the width of your hips.

3. Inverted Triangle

Inverted TriangleBasically, the exact opposite of Pear, for the ones who are heavier on the top, the aim is to draw attention to your slim lower body and lean legs. If you have broad shoulders with long arms, long legs all you have to do is wear pants with bright colours that can create illusions of hips. Keep your tops simple and choose ones that create an illusion of a waist with colour block and/or structured panels. If your stomach is flat you can totally rock those fitted tops that show off an inch of your waistline.

4. Apple Figure

Apple FigureYes, we agree you look extremely adorable when you wear your cute PJs, but coming to activewear you can definitely look sexy if you know the right way to style your outfit. It’s not rocket science guys, all you have to do is try to highlight your best body areas. Toss a track jacket over your favourite sports bra and pair it with high-waist leggings.

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Also, if you think a solid black legging is too basic, try upgrading to workout pants which has mesh inserts along the ankles and calves.

5. Diamond

DiamondI am sure just like your body type, you are definitely a diamond by heart (pick up line alert). So technically diamonds have a full midsection with slender arms and legs. Try to flaunt your defined collarbone and shoulders with tank tops and T-backs. The best way to style up your activewear is to wear some straight-up pants that lengthen your lower body, this creates shape continuity.

6. Athletic

AthleticWomen with an athletic body are generally slender with a small bust. Sometimes they might feel they lack curves but boy, if you know how to style it, am sure you’ll slay it. Try to wear fitness clothing with circular hems, this can create an illusion of having great curves. The best way to look sassy is to allow yourself to wear tops and bottoms in contrasting colours, and play with layers which give more volume to your straight body type.

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