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What Type of Panty Should I Wear Under Leggings?

What type of panty should I wear under leggings (1)

Leggings are the most effortless yet trickiest style of chic clothing. The super soft fabric is undoubtedly very comfortable but can also land you in some embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Visible panty lines are common under these fitted tights or leggings; they look awfully disgraceful and spoil your entire look. Picking the right panty style for leggings can save you from the disaster.

Visible panty lines are often caused by panties that have thick elastic along the leg openings. Such panties may not cause an issue when worn with thicker fabrics like denim or corduroy. But when wearing thinner body-hugging fabrics like spandex or Lycra, these panty lines may show.

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Let’s check out 5 panty styles that you should be wearing under leggings.

Laser Cut Panty

These panties have super-smooth laser cut edges that almost disappear under your fitted tights. The edges are often designed with silicon strips on the inner side that cling to your body and give you a smooth finish. These are ideal for everyday wear since they come in all fits- bikinis, hipster & thongs.


If you are someone who likes perfection, then do it how the professionals do. Pick a nude colour thong for your light-coloured leggings and black for darker ones. A thong is the ultimate way to get rid of panty lines. No questions asked.


If thongs aren’t your thing and try it the other way, from minimal coverage go for full coverage. Opt for boyshorts that cover your entire back all the way to your things and say bye-bye to panty lines.

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Lace Boyshorts

A lace boyshorts works as great as a regular pair of boyshorts. But you have an added advantage of lace fabric having smooth edges that again are hardly noticeable under your booty-hugging tights.

Interlock Stitching

Want a ‘no panty line’ feature in your current fav fit without having to try new styles? Well, what if we said that was possible! Yes, don’t compromise on your favourite fit be it a hipster or a bikini. Just pick a style that has interlocking stitching along the edges. Such panties are crafted with super-soft modal fabric that fits you like your second skin.

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