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Top 5 Fashion Blunders to Avoid With A Silk Saree!

Top 5 Fashion Blunders to Avoid With A Silk Saree!

With festive season hovering above and wedding season just around the corner, there is no better time than the ‘present’ to go on saree shopping spree or better yet, pick out some timeless pieces from your mother’s closet.  Nothing screams festive season louder than donning the classic and traditional nine-yard silk sarees. They’re graceful, elegant and can pretty much light up any festive party or gathering.

While this six-yard figure-flattering wonder fits beautifully into any occasion, we’ve encountered our favorite B-town divas get this beautiful ensemble completely wrong. Donning a silk saree may seem to be the easiest thing to wear in the world, but, even our favorite style aficionados get it completely wrong, sometimes. Wondering what are the sartorial blunders you need to stay  far away from while getting all decked in this timeless piece? Here’s giving you a lowdown of the top five fashion blunders you stay clear from the next time you think getting draped in a beautiful silk saree.

Ladies, take notes!

Blouse For A Toss

Vidya Balan- Blouse

A silk saree is known for lending grace and charm, and an ill fitting blouse can take things down south in a matter of seconds. It’s not just the saree that leaves everyone awe-struck but it’s the entire set which brings elegance to the table. With sarees getting a modern upgrade and our style beacons experimenting with our classic nine-yard, left, right and center, there is a plethora of blouse designs, fits, cuts and so on to take inspiration from. The only thing you need to ensure that the blouse fits to perfection. Too tight or too loose can kill the look and shine of your beautiful saree.

Shoe Game Gone Wrong

shoe game

Just as you can’t step out in your bathroom slippers with your fancy twirl-worthy gown, stepping out in rubber slippers or ugly shoes under your beautifully draped saree is a major fashion faux pas. We’ve seen Rhea Kapoor get the fashion police approval as she was seen sporting her favorite sneakers under her lehenga this year at Sonam’s wedding festivities.  You may want to give this sporty-meets-Indian look a try as long as ensure your shoes are nowhere close to dirty and unkempt. Better yet? Stick to shiny pumps, stilettos and flat tie-ups. It’s about upping the fashion ante of your silk saree and not the other way round.

Clutch It Right

Clutch it the right way

We’ve seen this blunder with our B-town A-listers over and over again. If you’re planning to tag a clutch along ensure you get it right, or might as well leave it back in the car before you step out looking all over the place. With the fashion market offering you about a billion, more like trillion intricately beaded and sequin clutches, going wrong in this department is an absolute No,NO! With potli bags making a huge comeback this Ganpati, how about you invest in one, right away!


Bling Horror

Too bling

Too much bling on any attire can go completely wrong. It’s all about striking the right balance. We’ve seen Deepika Padukone sashay down the ramp in her  silk lehengas while keeping the accessory quotient to a bare minimal, looking breathtaking and regal as ever. If Mrs-soon-to-be can do it, so can you. Don’t go over the top, strike a right chord. If you plan to go heavy with the earrings, keep it low key on the necklace part and vice versa. You don’t want to step out looking like a decked up Christmas tree, do you?

Draping Them Low

Get Low

We get it, you want to drape you sarees like our favorite Tinseltown beauties. Draping them too low like Kareena Kapoor might work brilliantly if the fabric is chiffon or georgette. But when you’re donning a silk saree, this kind of pleat never really works. You will end up ensuring your rich and luxe silk saree looks like plain ol’ cotton. We’re pretty sure that’s not the thing you plan on doing, do you? After all, you did not burn a huge hole in your pocket on a silk expensive saree to look like cotton! And even if you still wanna do that make sure you’re wearing the right panty style. Opt for low waist panties for no embarrassing panty peeks.

Bra Straps

bra strap under saree blouse

You have got the saree, you’ve stitched the perfect blouse, now what? Firstly, what’s the kind of blouse design you have gone ahead with? Backless? Deep Neck or Boat Neck? With a range of options, the one thing you need to get right is the right bra. Opt for strapless, transparent strap bras or better stick ons, depending on the type of your blouse. The last thing you need is your bra straps showing and killing the grace of the entire saree.

Saggy Breasts

Saggy Breasts Under Saree Blouse

Unless you decide to wear stick ons, we’d highly recommend you go for underwired bras under your blouse. Bras these days come with thin underlying, ensuring your boobs are uplifted and don’t look saggy. You girls need to look fuller and curvacious under your glam outfits.

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