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7 Guidelines to Keep in Mind When Buying a Good Sports Bra

Sports Bra

It’s very important to check out a few things before buying a good sports bra. Your sports bra is the only weapon that saves you from many problems which you will face at the gym. A good sports bra provides proper support and lets you do your job without any hassles.

The following 7 guidelines should be in your mind whenever you buy a sports bra:

Check Your Size and Shape Properly:

The first thing you need to do before buying a sports bra is to check your size properly. Not all ladies have the same kind of breast shapes, few have loosely hung, asymmetrical or teardrop, and a lot more. So you need to understand what kind of bra suits you the best and what works great for you.

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Yes, this is important too. Getting a full coverage bra allows the breasts to be encapsulated properly and completely. This gives a comfortable experience throughout your workout session. So please make sure to buy a bra that has full coverage cups. Remember one thing ladies if it has full coverage, then you definitely won’t risk any exercise-related issues.


Fabric is another most important thing to keep in mind. Make sure that the bra is made from moisture-wicking fabric and has very little elastic in it, but not too elastic because you may encounter bouncing of busts and many other issues that can be very painful.

Compression and Pad:

Now you may have doubts about why to get a padded bra when you already have proper busts but good sports bras have pads that provide ample support and shape to your breasts naturally while making sure to compress them for the right amount of movement. These kinds of sports bras work well for both low and high-intensity workouts and work perfectly on both small and large breasts.

Levels of Support for The Kind of Activity:

Generally, sports bras have three types of levels according to the kind of intensity you are working on. These are low impacted, medium impacted, and highly impacted. Maximum/high impact bra is important when you are performing high-intensity exercises or while running or jogging, while medium and less impacted bras are considered for exercises where there is very little movement of your body.

Wide & Adjustable Shoulder Straps:

Remember one thing, it’s important to have wider straps for any kind of bra and especially for a sports bra it’s a must. Bras that have wide, cushioned straps are comfortable and provide ample support. It’s important to buy wider shoulder straps because the width will help to spread the weight properly and make sure not to cause any pain to your shoulders.

Test Your Bra, in The Trial Room:

Last but not least, Make sure to try the bra before buying it. After wearing a bra, do a few jumping squats, jumping jacks or push-ups to ensure that the bra is comfortable enough and there is maximum support and very little bounce.

So that’s it, guys! Hope this guide helps you to buy the best sports bra for yourself. Sweetie, I know how monotonous the whole process must sound, but the great news is that sports bras last up to 8-15 months. So make sure to keep these points in mind if you want your bra to stay a little longer.



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