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FAQ’s By New Mamas About Bras

FAQ’s By New Mamas About Bras

When you’re a new mom, you feel a roller coaster of emotions right in your head. It seems like there’s nothing the world enjoys more than throwing advice at you. It’s indeed stressful on one hand and exciting on the other hand to know all about motherhood. You are excited to watch your little baby grow and worried about sagging breasts at the same time.

Trust me, it’s all worth it for that one little smile, actually tons of smiles. It’s okay to feel a little panicked, but it’s equally important to know everything about your new baby and the changes that are going to take place in your body. It’s definitely helpful to be well-prepared. All you do is gain, gain a little more laughs and smiles also a lot of poop to clean 🙂 It’s not like you are the first women to browse something like this. We already know that you heard a lot of advice, so just to give you short and to the point, answers here are all the most frequently asked questions by new moms.

1. Is it safe to wear a bra during pregnancy?

It is completely safe to wear bras during pregnancy. However, you need to wear a different type of bra which is more comfortable for this crucial time. Since the body is growing and changing constantly you may definitely need to wear a bra that is crafted from cotton and is stretchy enough to keep your breasts supported without making you feel uncomfortable. Also, the bra you choose during pregnancy should fit well. It should neither be very tight or very loose. The special bras have enough space for breasts that might change its shape and size over time.

2. Which type of bra is better to wear while you are breastfeeding?

Always wear a bra that fits you well, tight bras can actually cause plugged milk ducts or mastitis. You should opt for maternity bras that have flaps on the cups which are easily accessible single-handedly and makes it very convenient to breastfeed the baby. Go for maternity bras crafted with cotton fabric as they are great for absorbing extra milk leakage and are super comfy and breathable for Indian climate.

3. Should you be wearing a nursing bra while you sleep?

Whether you have small breasts or large breasts wearing a bra is essential. Especially if you are a full-figured woman, bras become a necessity for even more during pre & post-pregnancy. A well-fitted maternity bra can make you feel more supportive. Also, if you have very leaky breasts, you need something to hold your nursing pads in place unless you want to wake up in a puddle of breast milk and have to change the sheets every morning.

Last but not least, comfort is important! As an exhausted new mom, the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable when you’re trying to get some rest. So having said that, with or without a bra, try to find comfort while you sleep.

4. Which bra is best for your post-pregnancy sagging breasts?

A full-cup bra is hands down the best option for women with sagging bust. This bra not only  offers full coverage to your breasts but also provides steady support them. You can also wear a supportive nursing bra during the day and at night while you’re pregnant or when you’re breastfeeding. A nursing bra provides support to the ligaments in your breast as they grow and become heavy with breast milk.

5. What can I do about sore nipples?

I am sure a lot of ladies in your family and friend circle told you that it’s totally common to have sore nipples during pregnancy. Well, to avoid those issues or at least prevent them you can always change your breastfeeding positions. Avoid tight-fitting shirts and bras and upgrade to soft cotton bras, wear loose shirts as they surely help you prevent cracks on your nipples.

6.Does wearing a bra make any difference in your breast milk during pregnancy?

An ill-fitting bra or bra with tight underwires might cause extra pressure and result in clogging of the ducts. However, there is no scientific evidence that wearing a bra will have any impact on the production of milk by the milk lobules.

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