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Common Nursing Bra Shopping Mistakes Moms Make & How to Avoid Them

Common Nursing Bra Shopping Mistakes Moms Make & How to Avoid Them

I know it’s really exciting and overwhelming bringing your newborn baby home. Watching them exploring, laughing, crying and growing up is quite overwhelming. Feeding them is another story. But you need to change a lot of things in your home, wardrobe and lifestyle for your tiny one. While you are shopping as a new mom, a nursing bra should be on the top of your shopping list. As your breasts will go through tremendous changes after post-pregnancy you need a bra to support you and to adapt to the changes. And it is highly possible for new moms to make some mistakes while choosing the right nursing bras. So to avoid them I’ll discuss the common nursing bra shopping mistakes moms make & how to avoid them.

1. Knowing your size is the first step

Proper fit is the foremost task when it comes to finding the right nursing bra and something women need help with it. The most common mistake women make is buying the same old size they have been shopping before giving birth to a child. Understand that with pregnancy your breast size might and you would require a different set of bras in a different size now. If not taken care of you could land up buying a cup size that is either too small or a band size that is too big. If the band is too loose, the bra will not be giving the right support and lift, and the straps will keep falling off the shoulder. Similarly, if you pick up a bra that has a smaller band & cup size it would leave your underbust and shoulders with rashes and marks and the digging will keep you uncomfortable throughout the day.

So it’s best to check your size again, either through size charts available online or by a staff member at a store.

2. Sacrificing quality over price

Remember one thing that you really need at this time is comfort and only a good quality bra does that job for you. A high quality bra is more likely to last you longer so you don’t have to keep buying new bras every now and then. Never compromise on quality. There’s no wrong in investing in bras that are made from quality fabrics and trims. A good quality bra will fit you like a glove and have a more versatile and functional design. The fabrics would be really soft on the skin to soothe the tenderness of the breasts. Just by looking at the fabric, it stitches and seams you can spot a good quality bra right at first glance. So make sure to get a bra with good quality and trust me you’ll make each penny worth it.

3. Features & Styles

Gone are those days when bras were available only in plain jane shades. These days a huge variety of pretty maternity bras are available. You can pick from a range of slightly padded bras to lightly padded nursing bras and from non-padded feeding bras to nursing sports bras. You have so many options to choose from, depending on your preference and comfort.

Now coming to the most important feature of a maternity bra. The main purpose of a feeding bra is to provide easy access. Look for bras that have hooks or velcro closures, something that can be used single handedly to feed the baby. The last thing you want to get annoyed with is struggling to access a maternity bra while you have a crying baby to feed. So make sure the bra openings/ flaps are easily accessible and convenient to feed.

4. Fabric

Forget fancy fabric like lace, polyamide, satin etc for maternity bras. You can always shop those later and we are sure you have ample of them already. When it comes to maternity bras, what works best for you is a cotton feeding bra. You as why? Because, cotton is a fabric best known for its breathability. It lets you skin breathe and is super soft on the skin. Also, cotton is a natural absorbent material which makes it ideal for maternity bra as feeding a baby might also result in some leakage cause of lactation. A blend of cotton and spandex is also a good choice as it lends a little stretchability to the bra and that helps in adapting to the changing size and shape of your breasts.

5. Wearing the Same Bra for Multiple Pregnancies

Your breast may experience a drastic change from the first pregnancy to the second one. It is important to measure your breast size and buy a bra that fits you accurately. Most of the women make a common mistake that is to use the nursing same bra for a second pregnancy. You need to use your bras for 3-6 months and throw them away. Due to multiple washes, the elastic will loosen and the fabric gets damaged resulting in ill support. Buy new nursing bras for all your pregnancies to avoid these problems.

We hope now you know what mistakes moms make while shopping for nursing bras. Also that now we have told you what mistakes to be avoided, you’re a smart mom now. So let’s go straight to building our cart and time to shop them all! Enjoy your comfortable breastfeeding moments with your tiny tot wit Clovia’s amazing breastfeeding bra for additional support, elegance and comfort.



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