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An Indian Mom’s Quarantine Life – Mother’s Day Edit

Moms have always been the security offers of health & wellness in every Indian household. From your ‘subah ki chai’ to your ‘shaam ke pakode’ moms have been on their toes for your like forever. But off late during this lockdown period, quarantine has been quite a different story for moms.

While the entire world is tussling with the current Coronavirus situation our moms are trying their level best to maintain peace, hygiene and a work-life balance.

Daily Chores

A lot of us who are or have been staying away from the families realize what a tedious job is it to do mundane daily chores like washing clothes & dishes or changing bedsheets or even something as simple as folding laundry. Doing such things for just you seems like a task; imagine doing it for an entire family of 3 or even more every single day. And remember that pet you got for yourself promising your parents that you would be taking care of, well it’s your mum feeding them now. So this mother’s day promise yourself that you’ll divide the jobs and help her every day while you can.

Work From Home

Talking about working moms who I consider supermoms are balancing their personal and work life on the next level. Attending a work con-call while chopping onions or having lunch while working on an excel sheet, they’ve been trying to master the art. How about checking out some easy beginner’s recipes online and treating her with one meal of the day at least? That sounds doable and you know what you’ll learn some cooking skill too. It’s a win-win situation and don’t you forget to click pics for the gram. 😉

24 x 7 Job

While your daily routine might have gone for a toss and you must be saying good morning instead of a good night. It’s a totally different story for your mom. As per the patriarchy, she’s the caretaker of the house and she considers it to be her job to wake up on time every morning and start her day the same way, be it a Sunday or a Monday. Guys, that is so not cool! You’re the gen-next; you are the ones who can change the way how the world perceives certain notions.  Being a mom has been quite a thankless job so far, it’s high time we acknowledge the hard work that goes into this 24 x 7 job of taking care of the family. Your mum has almost forgotten she needs to take care of herself too. So this Mother’s Day give your mother a break and pamper her. A nice foot massage, maybe a comforting cup of tea or bed breakfast or nice mom-daughter skincare session. This is a great way of expressing that you care.

Count Your Blessings & Thank Her!

Not just on Mother’s Day but every single day.

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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