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Sexy Nightwear Gift Ideas for Valentine


With Valentine’s just around the corner, there is no better time than the ‘present’ to go gift-hunting for your partner. Consider it an additional day besides her birthday and your anniversaries, to make her feel nothing but special.

Why should you gift her Valentine nightwear

When it comes to gifting, we can all agree on one thing, there is no better win-win situation when it  comes to gifting the love of your life, some sexy nightwear and make-her-feel-special valentine nightwear gifts! Bid adieu to the mundane and play safe, trial and tested gifts in the form of chocolates, bouquets or even stuffed animals. When you have swiped right and found your ultimate match, it’s time to swipe right in the gifting department, as well. Trust us guys, every woman want to be showered by such gifts yet it’s not a very expected gift option.  It’s your time to surprise her completely and sweep her off her feet!

When you are thinking of a gift that will take her surprise, there are two ways of doing so. Either you can go for some sexy valentine night dress and get her to feel a bit naughty or you can opt for a comfortable gift like cotton pyjama sets or satin valentine nighty and make her go all awww!

Now that you have a clear picture in your head on what to gift bae this Valentine, it’s time for you to find out how to get it right!

A Quick Tip Before you shop Valentine Nightwear for Her

The one and only golden rule: It’s all about getting it right. If you can sneakily manage to find her right ring size, getting to know her nightwear size should be easy-peasy. Put on your thinking caps and do what works best. Go through her intimate drawer when she’s not around. Better make sure you’re tiptoeing on that one, or you’re going to be caught red handed.  If that seems next to impossible, how about trying to get a hold of her size while things are getting heated up in the bedroom. Now, if both the options don’t seem doable, there is no better way out than asking the best friend. Trust us, she’d more than excited to help you on this lingerie-shopping mission. Or the easiest way out is to ask her about her dress size. It would be pretty much the same for nightwear as well.

Considering you’ve finally managed to get her size, we now give you the lowdown on what lingerie your girlfriend will go gaga over!

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Top 3 Valentine Nightwear Options for Her

1. Satin Nighty & Robe

Heart Print Short Nighty & Robe Set



Want to make her fall in love with you all over again? How about making her slip into a satin nighty with a matching robe? Besides the fact that it’s uber-comfortable to sleep in, it is also a very sensual gifting idea. Along with looking so pretty & plush, it might just win you some additional brownie points on your Valentine candle light dinner-date-in. The best part? You don’t even need to hit the nearby store; considering nightwear  lingerie shopping has become an online ‘thing’, all you need to do is hit the checkout button on your girlfriends favorite lingerie website.

2. Sheer Babydoll

Sexy Sheer Babydoll Nightwear

Want to up your gifting game, by a notch? This one’s a major winner if you wish to dial the fun-o-meter back in the bedroom. Besides, it being a sheer genius idea, these see-through nightwear styles aka babydolls leave nothing to the imagination. Be it spicing things up on the big day or playing dress up, this  number is sure to set the tone right. From frills to embellishments to cut-outs, the world is at your feet.

P.S: Considering the endless options, you might just end up purchasing much, much more than you expected.  And no, your girlfriend won’t land up complaining.

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3. Gift It All- Nightwear Set

Valentine Nightwear Set

In a mood to go all out for your girlfriend? Then why stop at just one when you can buy the entire nightwear-daywear set to shower her love. Besides it being the perfect and most memorable valentine gift for your girlfriend, this one’s actually going to come in a whole lot handier for her on day-to-day basis, as well. Gifting her on Cupid’s favorite day need not just be about gift wrapping a Valentine nightwear, it’s that extra special day when you go all the way out and buy her the entire set, instead. The 7-pcs satin  set covers all her requirements, from her bikini set to her nightsuit, and even her feel-good satin robe with a matching valentine nightdress!

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How about you take a second and visualize her reaction to this hamper? Just tried doing it?

Looks like a perfect Valentine’s gift for girlfriend, doesn’t it? Well, we both know how happy she is going to be. So just go ahead and buy the entire darn thing!

While Valentine gifting may stand for all things red, sheer and satin, it’s not the only compulsion rule that you need to abide by them and stay away from gifting her something less practical. You being the good and caring boyfriend/husband that you are, might want to gift her something more functional. In that case, why not choose sexy valentine nightsuit?  A little too basic? Okay, how about a pretty little slip or some sexy shorts? She can also wear it with her matching tee for a lazy sunday at home.

Guys, just remember no matter what you eventually decide, she will love you more so for such thoughtful gifts. 


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