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Magazine » Lingerie 101 » Panties » What Makes Thong A Magical Brief

What Makes Thong A Magical Brief

Editorial Desk May 29, 2018 3 min read

Thongs are undeniably the daring Style Queens of lingerie fashion world. They’re a tiny triangular panty providing only front coverage, rendering a sexy exposure to buttocks. There’s a thin strip of fabric stretching right from the mid waist band on the rear, going between the buttocks and joining the triangular front piece of the garment.
It is one of the most popular emerging underwear styles today. It is already a sought-after trend in swimwear.

What are the different types of thongs?

Thongs are categorized according to coverage they provide based on type of cuts.
You need to get ones that go well with your body type:

G-string Thong

Designed for minimal play, a typical G-string has an elastic string bridging the front part of underwear to the waistband at rear. Basically it’s a triangular cloth with a string.


The latest crazes amongst fashionistas, C-Strings have stupefied the entire lingerie world by their innovative new concept! Covering only the wearer’s intimate areas, this underwear is devoid of a supporting waist-string. It seems like a big “C’, hence the name. A flexible internal frame keeps the apparel firmly in place.


Maximum coverage is possible only with the ‘cheeky’ version of thong where a good part of the rear remains covered still enabling ample exposure to buttocks.
Cheeky Thong   Cheeky Thong

  • You can make those embarrassing panty lines literally disappear by sporting a thong beneath any outerwear.
  • They make best foundation for evening gowns, summer dresses or even sarees. The minimal fabric at back renders a natural fall to flowy dresses such that there’s a smooth look to your body form.
  • Ideal for hot tropical weather in their minimal use of fabric, they save you any bulky feeling. They are very liberating when it comes to comfort.
  • A thong is the ultimate sexy underwear. Even when not showing off, the sheer sensation of moving along in thongs instills a dose of sexiness to your attitude.
  • The riding up or rolling down panties can give any woman her creepiest nightmarish experience. Try thongs to get completely over with such embarrassments.

Probably the most versatile underwear ever, thongs are pure blessing provided you know which ones to choose. Some available types are:

Cotton Thongs

A delight for tropical climes, these are made in breathable soft-textured cotton. You can go for both solid colors and prints.

Lacy Thongs

Thongs are already the sexiest, a lacy one is sure to arouse the sex goddess in you! Delicately crafted in pretty laces, they come either singly or in lacy lingerie sets.


Before you shop for Thongs , keep the following points in perspective:

  • First and foremost, always check your size before buying.
  • Thongs are purely aesthetic in usage. So if you’re looking for supportive underwear that enables high physical activity, you’d be looking in the wrong place!
  • For all the first timers who want thongs for those ‘special nights’, it is advisable that you have a prior casual experience with the garment just to be sure on right size and comfort. It’s also safer that way!
  • As a matter of fact picking a nude-coloured thong is the best way to get rid of panty lines.
  • There’s no doubt that a cotton thong would be the best choice for everyday wear.  Of course if it’s a special occasion go for a lacy one!

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