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You’ve Been Buying Bras All Wrong! : Bra Shopping Guide

You've Been Buying Bras All Wrong! : Bra Shopping Guide

Did you know that, according to Oprah, 85% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size? That’s a lot of misplaced jiggles. When you go bra shopping and walk into a store and find that perfect lingerie that looks really good, you often think to yourself, “Ooh! Let me get that real quick.” But hold on a second. Make sure you’re aware of these common mistakes so that you end up buying the one that looks good and fits well too.

Ask yourself again! Are you making the same mistakes while bra shopping?

Mistake: 1

Am I Shopping off the rack without getting fitted?

Did you know? You will change bra sizes at least six times in your lifetime, mainly due to weight gain or loss, hormones, pregnancies, and nursing. An ill-fitted bra effects breast health drastically. A good bra magically transforms your figure and makes ill-fitting outfits suddenly fall just the right way. So, get fitted by a professional with bra knowledge or take a bra fit test before your next bra shopping spree.

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Mistake: 2

Is it the right cup style for me?

Love those cute demi cup bras, but sadly they’re no good for a lady with larger busts. Clearly, because larger breasts require larger, fuller cups to keep them girls in line, but there’s more to it than that. Your natural shape of the bra has a lot to with the kind of bra that will fit you and look perfect on you. Here are a few shape specific tips for you:

Wide-set breast – Choose a bra with better side-support, preferably a bra with broadband is best for you.

Bottom heavy – Balconette bra is the best pick for you as this requires less material and space for you to full on the top of the bra.

Full on top – Need more coverage due to being fuller on top, then a full cup bra is the best for you.

Uneven sized breast – Although this is totally natural but if the difference in your breast size is quite noticeable. Then T-shirt bra is here for your rescue. It’s moulded cup and padding will disguise your situation. 

Mistake: 3

Does the bra band fit me well?

Trust me! Buying a bra in the bigger size is not the same case as clothes. Growing up to fit in those loose and baggy clothes is natural and obvious but it doesn’t work the way with bras. If your bra band is big for you, it is never going to be functional.  The best way to check whether your bra band fits you well is to fit two fingers between the back and your band size snugly. Yes, this will feel tight at first, but you need to ‘break your bras in,’ just like you do with a new pair of shoes. If you find that your back band is rising up your back it is because the back size is too big for you, the band isn’t tight enough to stay in the same place.

 Mistake: 4

Does my bra compliment my body type?

Every individual is different and so is their body type. Keeping in mind the basic body types, here is a list of body-specific bra shopping tips:

Narrow shoulders – Try cross-back or multiway bra styles.

Broad back – You may prefer balcony shapes.

Wide-set breasts – Try a low-cut balcony shape.

Close-set breasts – Try a plunge neck bra or push-up shape.

A lost tone in your breasts from breastfeeding – Look for balcony styles with slight padding that will give you shape and support.

Mistake: 5

Am I stuck in a style rut?

This is exactly what we women often do with our favourite pair of jeans too, once we find our wonder bra we stick to it – often for years in a row. To keep up with our constantly changing bodies it makes sense that we respectively change our bras too.  Try on everything from pushups to demi-cups and see what really works for your body. You never know! You might surprise yourself to a delightful discovery.

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