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5 Best Strapless Bras for Every Woman

The weather is changing and so is our wardrobe. This summer calls for chic Bardot tops, cute strapless summer dresses and much more.  While most of us girls are busy hunting for cute sundresses what we are actually missing out on is a strapless bra! Yes, a strapless bra becomes a basic foundation to flaunt all those cute little tops & dresses in an effortless way. Visible bra straps can look very tacky at times and can spoil the entire look of your outfit.

If you believed that strapless bras are only meant for girls with smaller breast size, let me bust the myth for you. I have got a list of top 5 strapless bras for you! These strapless bras work amazingly well for all body types and breast sizes. From A cup to D cup, this list has something for everyone.

1. Non-Padded Non-Wired Strapless Bra

If comfort is your preference then this style is the best one for you. It has non-padded, double-layered cups that don’t add bulk to your breast but protects modesty. The non-wired cups ensure a poke-free experience all day long.

2. Strapless Bra with Level 1 Push-Up

Strapless bras are ideally meant to provide you great support minus the straps, but a lot of women feel not so comfortable wearing a bra without straps (especially the ones with a bigger bra size) If you’re one of them then this bra is the ultimate solution for you. This strapless bra features detachable transparent straps. You can wear this bra both ways – with straps or without and yet be assured of no visible bra straps without comprising on comfort and support.

3. Padded Underwired Backless Strapless Bra

Cocktail gowns or party dresses, this bra will be the perfect choice for all your glamorous outfits. This lacy bra features padded cups protects modesty and is underwired to provide a gentle lift to the breasts. The bra has transparent shoulder straps and back straps that go invisible when worn under a deep back outfit. 

4. Nude Strapless T-shirt Bra

A white off-shoulder dress is a very classy pick for summers but do you know what colour bra to wear under it? White? Hell no! You should always pick a nude bra under white & light-coloured clothes. Which is why this nude strapless T-shirt bra makes a cut to our top 5 list. A nude strapless bra is a must-have for every woman’s closet. This one is available from sizes 32B to 40C. Crafted from smooth polyamide it gives a seamless finish under body-hugging outfits. It comes with a pair of elastic straps to make this bra a more practical option for everyday wear too.

5. Padded Balconette Strapless Bra

When it comes to women with bigger bust size, there’s a constant fear of a strapless bra slipping down and resulting in a wardrobe malfunction. But with this super-supportive style, you can be assured of no mishaps. The bra features side boning that makes sure your bra doesn’t slip, it also provides extra support from the sides and smoothens out the side bulges. The cups come with silicone grips on the inner side to ensure the bra stays in place.

Now that you know all the best of strapless bras, fret not and shop on! Pick the ones that suit your need and usage the most. One thumb rule is to pick bras that are true to size, picking a loose bra or a tight bra will end up giving you trouble and spoiling your day.


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