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Things No One Told You about Strapless Bra Shopping

Strapless bra shopping is a tedious task. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a strapless bra that slides down all day or cuts into your skin. Especially if you have a larger cup size, you can pretty much forget about buying a strapless bra at random — this is a purchase that requires real research.

When you wear a luxurious strapless bra that is excellent, fits properly and feels good, you too start to feel wonderful no matter where your daily routine takes you. Backless tops, deep neck areas, and off-the-shoulder dresses are well matched with the strapless bras.



Finding the best strapless bras is not generally simple for more full busted ladies. Here are a few quick, practical tips to choosing a good strapless bra.


Pick the Right Bra Style

Strapless bras are available in wide range of styles i.e – Bandeau/Tube bra, underwired push up Strapless Bra, Bustier/Longline Strapless bra, Silicon Bra and Strapless bra with removable Straps. Each style serves different Objective.


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Make Sure the Band is Sufficiently Tight

This is to make sure your bra will hold up properly and won’t slip; if your back band is too loose, it will not support anything and will move around too much when you move. After a few wears and washes (by hand, please!), the back band will extend slightly and you may find yourself using a tighter setup for your back adjustment.


Opt for High Quality

The best way to guarantee your strapless will last and always feel comfortable is to buy a quality product. Clovia always gives careful attention to the finish, edges and seams. There is a difference between wearing ordinary and quality branded lingerie made of high-quality fabric for long-lasting.



Choose the Right Colours

Pick the bra colour carefully – Match strapless bras and briefs. You will always want to have beige and white on hand for party clothing, but you can have fun with colour too depending upon the mood or the energy you want to radiate. Think of wearing a red strapless bra rather than a black? It will change your mood and increase confidence. Think about colour as a way to boost your mood even further.



Here are a few more helpful rules to stick to:

1. Start on the loosest set of hooks. This will ensure the longest life from the bra, so you can move inwards as the back strap stretches.

2. To check if a size works, pop an arm behind your back, and use the thumb to pull back the strap outwards. You should be able to pull it back only half an inch with resistance for a strapless bra.

3. You also want to make sure the cups aren’t gaping at the top of the breast. And depending on the style of the central section of the bra, the wires that meet in the middle should be sitting flat.

A strapless bra is like a pair of shoes. You don’t want them too tight or too loose because you won’t be able to walk in them. The same thing goes for your bra. So get fitted. Take Clovia’s 2 minutes fit-test right away!

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