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All About That Base: Pick The Right Panty

All About That Base: Pick The Right Panty

There was a time when women’s underwear was the underdog of the lingerie world, but not anymore. It has become more like the Avengers now; something the world needs to save their ass from, literally! The comparison might seem a little bizarre at first but since we have brought the Avengers into the picture, let’s say that just like every Avenger needs a different kind of weapon, there is a different women’s underwear style for every kind of butt.


Let’s give you some tips on how to pair the right kind of dress with the right kind of panties to kick some ass.


1. Bikini Panty

Bikini Panty


It is one of the sexiest underwear for women. A bikini instantly spells sexy and brings to mind the image of a Bond girl coming out of a pool. A bikini looks great on women with a triangle or hourglass-shaped bodies with flat tummies. This, however, doesn’t mean that if you love your cakes and chocolates, you can’t love a bikini panty. You can always wear a high waist bikini to hide your cute love handles and tone down a heavy bottom. A bikini panty will give you more coverage than a thong but less than a brief.


2. String Bikini

They are the super sexy cousins of a regular bikini with the difference that there are strings on the sides of this kind of bikini. It gives the illusion of curves for women with rectangular body shape. In the list of sexy underwear, women’s string bikini stands right at the top. Add a few embellishments to the strings and you will set the beach on fire.


3. Briefs



Though briefs have the image of the girl next door in the lingerie world, they are not as plain Jane as you think. They are your true BFFs, giving you total coverage both at the crotch and at the back. A brief can hide your food indulgence showing on the tummy with its high waist variant and keep you ultra-comfortable all day long with its moisture-wicking cotton fabric.


4. Thong



Thongs have two variants; the G-string and the C-string. A thong panty will give you good coverage in the front but none at the back. For wearing a thong, you have to have the confidence of a superwoman and a butt that is devoid of cellulite. Looking at it from a different angle though, you can pull off whatever you want, pun intended. After all, it’s your butt!

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5. Boyshorts



Styled like men’s briefs, boyshorts have proven that women can have everything that men have. Out of all women underwear types, boyshorts and briefs provide the utmost comfort and coverage to your derriere. Boyshorts can be worn under all dress types and by women of all body shapes. It covers the butt, crotch and the upper part of your thighs well.


Choosing the right panty is an art that you can perfect easily by trying on different styles and seeing which one makes your butt give a stiff competition to that of J Lo.

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