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Lingerie Tips for Women over 40


Lingerie is a touchy subject, and it only gets touchier as women commit that subversive act called “aging”. Whether you’re buying it to please yourself or entice a partner, lingerie is, in fact, appropriate for all ages. There are plenty of tasteful lingerie options in Clovia for older women that range from subtle to adventurous.

The assumption of age is that by a certain point in life, you know what looks good on your body and you develop a certain style. As you age, the world assumes that you know what you’re doing, which means pieces that are super trendy make you look like you’re still experimenting, or that you somehow don’t know that you should be old enough to know better.

See, here’s the thing about dressing your age and staying on trend: you know there’s a way to do it, but once you’ve seen it done wrong it strikes fear in your heart. We’ve all been there when it comes to look like we know what’s happening without “trying too hard.”

So, here a few lingerie tips for you lovely ladies turning over 40 gracefully:

Embrace change

Invest in well-structured bras that support these changes. But don’t assume you have to settle for less beauty or sex appeal. You can choose from three-part cut and sewn bras, or those with side panels that help bring boobs front and center. Cups made with stretch lace fabrics cradle your new curves. Wider straps won’t dig into shoulders but frame breasts with extra feminine detail.

Be true to yourself 

Push up bras and padded contour bras can often add an extra burden to the busts of women over 40. Less full breasts fall to the bottom of cups and leave an empty, unfilled space. Softer skin that spills up and over bra cups create wrinkled cleavage. A bra that both lifts and separates stops “creasage.” Be sure to swoop all your boob flesh from the sides into each cup. The result? Sexy décolletage that is no illusion.

Look at the big picture

It’s not just about bra size, fit, and style. You have to take panties into consideration. Does a cut-out hole in the back of your briefs enhance your behind? Thongs are surely an option to get that look, but then it’s wise to reconsider them for obvious reasons. As an alternative you might as well learn to love higher waists panties like hipsters and boyshorts. More coverage can still be sensual and alluring. So before you buy any panty, make sure you’re pleased with the view from behind.

Keep on learning 

Don’t be afraid to explore new lingerie territory. There’s a brave new world of sexy shapewear and fabrics that bring out the best in any figure. Try out tummy control, lace detailing, and smart pleated mesh rather than tight elastic.

The thumb rules

  • If the bra has a wire, the wire should sit behind the breast (under the arm area)
  • The bra band provides the most support (not the straps)
  • If a bra fits properly you should be able to have the straps hang over the sides of your shoulders
  • The bra band and cups to completely support you
  • A woman should be fitted every year for a new bra (bras can lose shape or your shape changes)

You may be getting older, but you know you’re getting better. Better at figuring out what you want from life, work, love, and your lingerie (but not necessarily in that order). When it comes to your well-being, do not be willing to settle for less. Don’t all women over 40 deserve the very best?

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