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5 Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

5 Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

What’s the worst thing that can happen after you manage to customize the perfect outfit? It can be ruined by the visible panty lines! This is the worst horror that hides inside a women’s closet and dress (goes without saying). Setting aside the fact that it happens to every women, it is yet utterly embarrassing every time it happens. But the good news is, these oops moments can be avoided by learning how to #underfashion your outfit for no panty lines.

So, for here are a few tips for starters to make your butt look beautilicious and VPL free:

Thongs & G strings

Thongs & G strings are the garments to rescue when it comes to no visible panty line. Well yes! They might be a little inconvenient to put on at first, but once you get a hold of them, you’ll know there is nothing like it. The only catch here is to buy the thong in correct size. Buying a tight one will dig into the soft areas of your body and create lump silhouette.

Microfiber seamless panties

The ultimate solution to comfort yet style is the microfiber seamless panties. They are made of ultra-thin fibre which gives you a next to skin feel on the inside and an even look on the outside.


Boyshorts are a new add-on to the lingerie section. Their USP is the elastic mesh that doesn’t ride up your thighs with every step. The Boyshorts cover your hips and most part of your buttocks, thus eliminating the ugly bikini bulges. Then again, the pro with this garment comes only when bought in the right size.



The ultimate solution to your problem while you wear pencil skirt next time is the shape wear. These body shapers not only eliminate the panty lines but also smoothens the look of the entire area. Their innovative elastics and sophisticated materials starting from the waist and going down the mid-thighs create an elegant and even look.


Full coverage briefs

The full briefs stand by their name and cover your entire seat area, thus giving a seamless look. These nylon or silk garments wrap around your body making sure their elastic lies flat, for the perfect fitted look.

Now that you know the tricks to avoid the most dreaded panty lines, you go slay those dresses girl! Just check to buy them in their correct sizes, because all it takes is a slight difference in number to convert your panty line eliminators to panty line enhancers.

You now know how to say hello to those most desirable body cons and bid goodbye to the undesirable panty lines.

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