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Sports Bra vs. Normal Bra

Sports Bra vs. Normal Bra

Have you been wearing a sports bra as an everyday bra? Or do you wear a regular bra even while working out? It’s high time we women understand that most of the time we are wearing the wrong type of bra. We believe that the opinion on style of a bra is a matter of personal choice and comfort. But we can’t deny the fact the certain bras are especially designed for particular occasions, and we are sure that’s done for a reason. Like for instance, a sports bra is specifically crafted for working out, the impact levels are also engineered with special features to cater our needs.

Ladies, rejoice! A sports bra calls for everyone from an A cup and beyond.

Do you go to the gym, a walk, or maybe do some stretching exercises at the park? Even the low-impact exercises, such as stretching or jogging, can be uncomfortable if your breasts are not detained in place. Physical activity makes breasts bounce up, down and even in a figure eight. Continuous and repetitive movements can result in soreness, pain and sagging.

While it’s easy to think that any bra will do, sports or regular – especially for the smaller breasted ladies, this is precisely where so many of you go wrong. Sports bras are intended to grip movement and motion while working up a sweat and toning that body. They offer maximum support and hold your breasts firmly in place. Regular bras in this particular case lag to offer enough support and may cause tension on the shoulders along with accumulated sweaty patches.


Athletic sport bras account to be more than being an extremely fashionable item to wear to your next yoga or Zumba class.  Know more how Sports bra a bog workout boon.

1)     Sports bras help in avoiding workout discomfort

2)     Sports bra helps reduce breast pain

3)     They help avoid nasty stares and look supercool

4)     Sports bra can prevent long term sagging

5)     They are a must-have for extensive workout sessions

6)     Sports bras are strongly recommended after an injury or cosmetic surgery

Having talked about the sports bras at length, let’s not forget the regular bra – our confidant! The sports bra undoubtedly holds you up in the gym. But we all know how our regular bra pushes us up and hold up on a day to day basis.

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Sports bras are not recommended to be worn under shirts, normally or as an everyday wear. They often build a not-so-feminine shape or the not looking forward to uni-boob. While shaping out no cleavage and no shape the sports bras often offer fuller coverage than normal bras so may show under regular shirts.One mistake committed by everyone is to try wearing workout bras with developed impact levels and expecting to be comfortable in them all day or night.

Be it a sports bra or a regular bra, they both are the most comfortable type of all bras. But selecting a perfect one for each occasion is sheer genius!

If you are choosing a sports bra every day because you feel more comfortable, then it is suggested to choose the right fit. If you choose the ill-fitting bra, you should be aware of it as it might not be supported comfortable. At Clovia, we want you to choose the right type of bra for every day. We really want to help more and more women avoid the hassle. As an online provider, we understand that it can be daunting to make a bra purchase online. This is why we are here to help you find the right one. Take a look at our collection today!

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