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How to Choose Best Sports Bra for You?

For many, especially the well-endowed among us, choosing bras can be potentially as demoralizing as bathing suit shopping (though for different reasons). The trouble: If you head to a non-specific shop, you flounder on your own. Let’s get real, finding the best sports bra for your workout is as tough as mountain climbers. It’s partly because a one-sports-bra-fits-every-workout philosophy doesn’t work. Different types of training require different support, plus you move differently in spin to yoga, and your undergarments should reflect this.

Confused? You’re not alone. Many women struggle to find the best sports bra for them and more than a third of women feel like this affects their workout.

To right this wrong, we’ve rounded up the ways to choose the best sports bra for your low and high impact workouts depending on your size.  And, guess what? Having taken care of the following points, none of your sports bra will look like you’ve tried to straight-jacket your breasts to your chest – result!

How to Choose a Sports Bra?

1. Jump Around

Smash out some star jumps in the fitting room. If the bra doesn’t ride up, chances are it’s a good ’un.

2. Give Two Fingers

If you can fit more than two fingers between your chest and the material, it’s too loose and will cause uncomfortable chafing.

3. Level the Playing Field

The underband should sit level all the way around. If it rises up at the back, you might need a smaller size.

4. Adapt and Adjust

Adjust your straps before every workout. You shouldn’t be able to stretch the straps more than two inches from your shoulder.

5. Right Level of Support

Sports bras are often broken down by impact level so that you can find one that is perfect for your sport of choice. That breakdown generally looks something like this:

Low Impact Bras: Yoga, climbing, paddling
Medium Impact Bras: Walking, road biking, skiing
High Impact Bras: Running, mountain biking

6. Keep It Cool

Hand wash bras if you have time. Otherwise, pop ’em in a mesh bag opt for a cool cycle and avoid the drier – heat can affect their elasticity.

Know- Just as you wouldn’t go running in jeans and flip-flops, you shouldn’t run or exercise in your ordinary bra. When you’re on the run, don’t forget to get your gear right.

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