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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to choosing lingerie, you’ve simply got to take your time. You are after all not buying your weekly groceries. There are choices to be made, styles to be evaluated, colors and materials to ponder about. So take all the time you want, babes, that wonderful indecision as you swing between a balconette bra with a lacey trim and a seductive satin slip is an indulgence you must learn to savor. They say when it comes to shopping, men are hunters and women browsers. You’re here now, so browse at leisure.

So how do you go about choosing the right stuff?

Let’s begin with intention. What, or maybe even who, are you buying for? Are you replacing the ones that have had their time in your bedroom drawer or are you celebrating an occasion like Valentine’s day, a birthday or an anniversary. Yes ladies, lingerie can be chosen to make an occasion all the more memorable.

For everyday wear keep it simple. Lightly padded bras or lightly laced bras are the best. When it comes to briefs, go for comfort first. Yes you can choose ones with a little style and saucy shapes, but keep wear ability a priority. And the colors preferably should be solid too. Skin tones are great but red, black and pink are also great to go with. Stick to them.

For special occasions you should think about getting a little adventurous. Go for lace, animal prints or those peeky little thongs. How you combine the bra and the brief is where you should use your imagination. The ones that will accentuate your curves and set the right mood. Nothing kills the mood faster than skin tone bras on a special night, Don’t let them get in here.

The fit and size is critical. 80% of women end up wearing the wrong size bra. When you do that you’re constantly adjusting, scratching, pulling and picking. Because all women are not created equal, not every lingerie type will fit or flatter your figure. Going with a delicate sheer bra that you’ve forced over your double D’s will leave you in a mood ready to bite his head off, halfway through a romantic candlelight dinner. Take my word for it honey, if you’re not comfortable in what’s on underneath, it’ll show on the outside.

Lingerie is first and foremost about you. It mirrors your personality. You’ve got to choose the straps and lace that you’re comfortable with. So my advice to all you divas out there is to look in the mirror, be honest about what you see and then come into my parlor at Everything from a bra size calculator to how to tips on how to measure your bra size – it’s all there in the fit guide. You can’t go wrong, loves.


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