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Guide To Wearing Different Panties Under Different Outfits

Panty is an indispensable piece of clothing. A new study suggests that your underwear may reveal a lot about what kind of lover you are, and so an increasing amount of women are opting for seamless panties, which means they’ve got nothing to hide.

We can all agree that visible panty lines are a no-no. They can be difficult to avoid, especially when it comes to tight or sheer clothing.

With the different uptight fashion trends, it can be tricky to find the right panty to wear. Hence, we’ve created a simple guide on the right kind of no panty line panties to wear with your outfits.

1. Seamless Boyshorts

Bodycon dresses

The boyshorts will prevent the awkward panty line at the bottom. The high waist boyshorts will also make your body look slimmer under the tight dress. Wear a nude or white coloured pair underneath light coloured dresses in case the material is too sheer.

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2. Bikinis

Skinny jeans

Bikini panties are comfortable and allow you to stretch comfortably when worn with tight fitting jeans, plus the lack of seams will prevent visible panty lines. Wearing one made of thin cotton will allow for more ventilation and comfort.

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3. Thongs

Tight fitting shorts

The higher cut of thongs will not have visible panty lines and you won’t have to worry about your underwear being longer than your clothes. Some shorts tend to ride up, so the higher cut will keep your panties hidden from view.

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4. G-Strings

Anything that’s fitted like a glove

Every lady should have at least one of these, for times when boyshorts and seamless underwear still don’t cut it. G-Strings cover just enough, while making sure that there are no unsightly panty lines underneath skin tight clothing.

5. Hipster Panties

Everyday wear

Cotton hipster panties are great as they let air circulate down there, reducing a build-up of odour and bacteria, thus preventing itchiness or infections. It also provides a sturdier base for when you’re on your period, as your pads will adhere well to prevent leakage.

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