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Common Mistakes Women Make While Buying Lingerie

Have a quick look at the rules of thumb for buying right lingerie. Wearing correct under garments any outfit implies your actual dressing sense. Taking care of such small things will help you to carry yourself in a better manner. Looking beautiful is a lot about how you carry yourself.


Size is the most important factor for buying right lingerie. You should note down the measurement across your bust at the fullest position and under your bust. Quite often the measurement across the bust is considered while selecting the perfect bra. If you want to find the cup sizes take the difference of the sizes across bust and below the bust.


The perfect under garment for you is the one in which you find yourself comfortable. The comfort level may differ in each case. Some women want maximum support, some may prefer just a lift. Many of the women want to shape up their body and some prefer to use extra padded bra.

You can go for cotton straps or elastic ones as per your requirement. You can select your lingerie according to the type of cloth which gives you more comfort. It can be cotton, synthetic or semi-cotton.

It is better if you select your lingerie according to clothes you wear. Along with the comfort factor your underfashion should also compliment the clothes which you are wearing.


Black or white is the basic colour which most of the women opt for. However it is possible to have fun with colours while buying the intimate wears. Your skin and hair colour plays the vital role for selecting the colour. You can select a colour which exactly matches your skin. If you are buying lingerie for party wear then you should consider the dress colour.

If you are fair you can try shades of red. Pink and lavender shades will also suit you. If your skin colour is warmer you can try powdery and lighter shades. You can also try contrast colours.


Looking stylish is the desire of every woman. Underfashion is as important as the outer fashion. This gives you full freedom to try different styles of lingerie. You can try the ones with lace or a different fabric like silk or satin. You can also go for babydolls or thongs. Try some thing with animal prints which will bring out the hidden wildness in you. You know what suits your styles and keeps your inner diva intact.

These are some ways of deciding how you can find right lingerie for yourself. As lingerie is an important part of your wardrobe you must take out some time to buy the perfect lingerie for yourself. Don’t you want to feel beautiful inside out?

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