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Bridal Lingerie for your Big Day- Sisterly Advice

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Lingerie is something that women often pick based on occasion, outfit and mood. Wedding being the most special occasion for a woman deserves the best of bridal outfits, jewellery, shoes and of course lingerie! But when it comes to shopping for lingerie for your own wedding you are pretty likely to get baffled with the wide options avail in the market.

Worry not! Here I am with a sisterly advice for all the to-be brides. You need to be extra cautious while picking up bridal lingerie styles. There’s a very thin line between sexy and skanky. And I’m sure you don’t wanna cross that on your first night right?

I believe it’s always better to keep him wondering what’s in store for him rather than just giving it out all at once.  So let’s just check out 5 lingerie styles that’ll sweep him off his feet.

Sheer Secrets

A sheer babydoll is something that’s pretty & naughty at the same time. You can play either of them and leave him wondering which side of you is sexier. Pick the ones that are crafted of powernet or georgette to flaunt the right amount of skin. At times when you aren’t very sure of your partner’s likes or dislikes, this is the way to go baby!

Silky Nights

Satin nighty & gown

I bet he won’t be able to keep his hands off you! Who doesn’t like butter-smooth fabrics that just smoothly glide on the skin. There’s a reason why such fabrics are called ‘plush’. Pick a sexy nighty in premium satin for a bridal trousseau and notice his hands lingering over you . The robe makes this pick a sexy yet practical option if you will be staying in a joint family.

Black Magic

Black has some kinda magic that always works on guys. A sexy lacy black lingerie sets can do wonders! The best part is that it is not just a bedroom thing; you can wear it on everyday basis and still feel sexy all day long.

Amazing Accessories

Men are usually aware of the basic lingerie options that women shop for, but there still are a few things that are unimaginable for them. Accessories they never knew existed. Surprise him with a few on your first night. Pick a garter, thong and stockings- these are enough to let him live his fifty shades fantasy.

Lace Lingerie

Never underestimate the power of a lacy panty. Exactly how boring brown granny panties can be a turn off for to-be hubby, a sexy little lacy thong can make him hot for you! Invest in a couple of lace briefs to not only spice up your first night but to also to keep your everyday underfashion pretty and sassy.



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