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Lingerie Essentials For Your Back-to-Office Lookbook

Lingerie Essentials For Your Back-to-Office Lookbook

With the new normal hitting us, getting back to the office has become the crucial next step. Living in the comfort of our own home and working under zero dressing-up circumstances, the new challenge that haunts us is prepping up, every day! No bra life was suited up until work from home, but are you sighing at the idea of wearing a bra to the office? We understand the dilemma since we are in this together. 

To put things into perspective, getting accustomed to old life might be tricky but preparing for the odds might make things easier. Funnily, right now, wearing a bra is the odd we need to sort. Well, we are no strangers to the kind of bras we can pick from, switching them day-to-day might keep things interesting. Even though lingerie is something you wear on the inside, isn’t it exciting enough for you to know you’re dressing up for yourself? Back to the office, the idea is to be more aware of your options and be the boss lady that you are, at all times.

T-shirt bras

The ever-so-comfy T-shirt bars are a staple and should be already a part of your lingerie collection. Those long working hours can be tamed with a non-wired bra so that you get poke-free support. Ladies, hear us out. This particular kind of T-shirt bra is already a favourite of many, but the print and the styles they come in are *chef’s kiss*.

Bikini Panties

With low-waist jeans coming back to light, bikini panties are the best option you can opt. This style of panty is also suitable for everyday wear since it is comfortable and has varied style options. Bikini panties are the basic essential one should already own. 

Push-up Bras

Even though the underwire digs into your skin, let’s be real, we still love a great push-up bra. The desired up-lift and the visual appeal are unmatchable, even though it might cause a tad-bit discomfort. You can wear a push-up bra for the upcoming office function and can rock a subtle plunging neckline. 


Everyone’s favourite, and for all the right reasons, bralettes are effortlessly stylish & uber-comfy. With classy styles and having a versatile attribute to them, they are quite a hit amongst women. Bralettes are easy slip-on kinda bras that’ll save you from the band digging, making it extremely comfortable whilst maintaining modesty. 

Hipster Panties

Ladies, we know the struggle of finding the right panty for the days when you are on your period. Look no further, hipster panties are great for everyday wear and perfect for when you are on your period. In fact, hipster panties have innumerable styles that are an eye-catcher like lace, floral prints & much more. 

Clovia has an array of office essential lingeries you can choose, in several prints, designs, styles, and colours. The quality served is top-notch and worth every penny. If you are in search of pretty and stylish lingerie, Clovia has all kinds of fashion-centric pieces at an affordable price. Explore the website to find your perfect match and dwell on the offers provided to you. 

Let us bid adieu to our work from home lives and begin it afresh with the right lingerie. Pick out the essential best suitable for you and go strong headed into the workforce. May the force be with you, and also may you choose the right fit for your office attire. 

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