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8 Trendy & Comfy Nightdresses 2021



Every woman longs to be comfortably dressed as they sleep. However, there may be instances when your sleep is disrupted. It is confusing and annoying but happens due to a very overlooked but a blatant factor. The reason for this restlessness is your itchy and uncomfortable nightdress. However, there is no reason to worry anymore as Clovia has launched its latest range of stylish yet comfy nightwear collection which will definitely offer all you gorgeous ladies a restful night’s slumber.

Take a look at these 8 trendy and comfy night dress that should help you to zero in on a few personal choices:

#1. Polka Print Shirt and Short Set

Polka Print Shirt and Short Set

The polka printed shirt and short set is a fashionable night suit, very popular with adolescents and young adults. Printed set in polka design is both alluring and nonchalant. The coolest thing about this printed ladies night suit is that it complements women regardless of their body structure and shape. Also, with the summer season on its way, this nightdress will keep you cool and breezy all through the season.

# 2. Floral Print Shirt and Short Set

Floral Print Shirt and Short Set

If polkas are not to your taste then try the floral print shirt and short set. The night suit has been manufactured using soft and breathable cotton which provides your skin with the touch of freshness all night long. Available in a range of colours, choose between tiny or relatively large floral prints that will enhance your body silhouette.

# 3. Satin Shirt and Short Set

Satin Shirt and Short Set

For those seeking a sexy, yet elegant look, opt for a satin shirt and short set. They are an excellent choice to wear during balmy summer nights. This nightwear set gives you a luxurious feel even in the comfort of your own bed. What’s more, this ladies nightwear adds a touch of class with sensuality, especially if you are looking to up the heat in the bedroom.

# 4. Cotton Top and Short Set

Cotton Top and Short Set

Make your night even more stylish and fashionable by opting for this cotton top and short set. It is the best way to relax during the heated summer months. Who knows, you might start counting on this pair as your favoured outfit at home and lounge in them even during the day. The set comes in a range of cute prints, colours, and designs and has something to offer to every woman’s taste.

# 5. Shirt and Pajama Set

Shirt and Pajama Set

Who doesn’t love to be in their PJs all day long? It is true that a good set of shirt and pajama sets offers maximum comfort. This piece of nightwear is absolutely essential and that just cannot be excluded from your wardrobe. Now, they come in funky designs, prints and bold colours. Check out these trendy pajama sets from Clovia in pretty floral and black prints.

# 6. Top and Pajama Set


Planning for a pajama party with your besties? Why don’t you opt for a top and pajama set that is sure to define a more direct side of you? Check out this pajama sets from Clovia. The best thing -about this nightwear styles is its adaptability for all body types. In case you have a little heavy built then opt for a top with frills and ruffles at the front. They will generate an illusion of you being slimmer and make you feel more confident.

# 7. Cotton nighty

Cotton nighty

Sometimes it is good to have that old school look by wearing a cotton nighty which is must-have nightwear in every women’s wardrobe. If the plainly designed nighty is not to your liking, then try – the ones that come -with delicate embroidery, prints or laces. You can also choose a long or short length. They are sure to provide you with a modest yet feminine look during a laid back Sunday afternoon.

# 8 Sleepshirts


If you are feeling stuffy and uncomfortable during those extremely humid nights, then sleepshirts are your best option to have a good night’s rest. Sleepshirts are super airy and can rescue you from the effects of bad weather. Being a single piece, sleepshirts allow for multiple styling options. You can wear them long sleeved or rolled up. Choose from a wide variety of funky and floral patterns to set the mood for the night.


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