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5 Must-Have Bras for Your Next Holiday Trip

5 Must-Have Women's Lingerie for Your Next Holiday Trip

While the year comes to end, most of us are busy planning holidays. Vacations are more of a fashion get-away than just travelling. Accept it, girls, even before booking our flights, we all start planning our outfits. On a scale of elegant to sexy, we pack our bags with options and variations for the upcoming trip. However, what we forget to pay attention to is what kind of lingerie should be carried while travelling. When you pack your lingerie for a vacation, always remember two things:


  • Never forget your comfort

While you are all set to slay, don’t forget that you need to maintain your comfort. So, go for bras that provide you maximum comfort.


  • Suitability

Pack your bras that suit the outfits you are taking along. Think of it like when we shop for a top, we think about which skirt or pants we are going to pair it with, don’t we? Consider the same thing while packing, think of what bras you’re going to need for each dress that you’re packing.


Top 5 Must-Have Bras When You Travel

1. T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt Bra

Lingerie -Travel Mantra 101: Slay in comfort!

When you travel, your essential requirement is to maintain your comfort and T-shirt bras are the best option when it comes to comfort.  T-shirt bras come in handy when you are wearing tight-fitted clothes and assure no headlight effect. Pick one that is wire-free, so that it’s comfy even while you’re napping on transit. These padded bras provide full coverage with no risk of visibility of nipples, no matter how chilly your air flight is.

However, don’t forget to pick bras as per your correct bra size to ensure proper comfort. Available in a number of varieties, including seamless, plunges, underwired or push-ups, you can suit yourself. This bra type is best for providing gentle support with invisibility under the outfit.

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2. Bralettes


Lingerie-Travel Mantra 099: Opt for the mid-way!

When you are jumbling between opting for whether being sexy or being casually laid-back, opt for bralettes. Generally, these bralettes allow you to be comfortable and stylish. The best thing about bralettes is that they can be styled as a crop top too. This makes them a must-have for your lingerie packing list. Style them with falling necklines and loose-fitting tops and flaunt the lacey sides and designer backs! Or just style a bralette with a maxi skirt or denim shorts for an ultra-chic look.


3. Convertible bras

Multiway Bra

Travel Mantra 01: Scope for Jugaads!

When you are on a long vacation but with limited baggage, convertible bras come to the rescue. What makes convertible bras stand out from others is that they can be styled in multiple ways. You can style it as a one-strap bra, two-strap bra, cross-strap and even no strap aka strapless. They are a good alternative to halter-neck bras, strapless bras, and racerbacks. Convertible bras are suitable for all kinds of outfits and hence, they should be on the top in the travel list. Why carry 3-4 bras when just one bra can be converted into 5 styles?


4. Push-up bras

Push-Up Bra

Travel Mantra 011: Being sexy is never out of style!

Push-up bras are the #1 in everyone’s lingerie wardrobe. By gently uplifting the breasts and pushing them closer, push-up bras enhance the cleavage. If you are opting for seamless dresses or plunging necklines, push-up bras are the perfect option. Available in both underwired and non-wired, these padded bras are the ones you shouldn’t miss!

P.S.  Don’t fall for the myth that you should pick a smaller size push-up bra. Push-up bras are available in size A-E. Before shopping, always refer to the bra size chart and always stay true to your size to achieve the best result and unmatched comfort.

In case, you are not clear with your size which is very normal, take a quick fit test and refer to Clovia’s bra fit guide.

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5. Stick-on-bra

Travel Mantra 023: Try trendy ones!

Stick-on-bras are the ones trending these days. Designed with silicone cups, such bras are invisible under your outfits and stick seamlessly on your curves. Slightly different from the regular bras, stick-on-bras are most suitable for backless and seamless outfits. In spite of being strapless, they provide proper support and full nipple coverage and yes, they won’t fall! Ideal for your beach & party outfits.

So ladies, if you’re planning a trip anytime soon, here’s a complete guide of what lingerie items to must pack for your holiday. Be it a sexy push-up bra or a stylish bralette, these pretty little things promise you a picture-perfect holiday.

6. Backless Bra

Travel Mantra 015: Try trendy ones!

I’m sure you are going to add one backless dress to your suitcase. But what about the bra? I’m sure not everyone feels supported and safe with stick-on bras or pasties, especially the ones with a C+ cup size. So for you my ladies we have this latest innovation by Clovia. A T-shirt bra that has features 1) solid elastic back strap 2)transparent back strap 3) detachable shoulder straps 4) padded cups. What more could you ask from a bra? It substitutes for 4 bras!


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