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5 Bras you can wear with racerback outfits

5 Bras you can wear with racerback outfits

Tank tops, muscle tees and racerback dresses are going to be your summer staples. Their flowy cuts, athletic designs and easy-breezy styles make them top our fashion list. Hold on, but what to wear under these outfits? Yes, the tricky part is what bra to wear under these racerback outfits- a racerback bra? Duh! We all know pretty well that by now.

Clovia brings you some stylish options that you can wear and flaunt under your racerback outfits.

1.Lacy Racerback

Lacy Racerback

Who said racerback bras need to look all sporty and boring? Clovia believes in keeping your underfashion pretty, sexy & sassy. Check out these pretty little lace bras with exquisite detailing on the back. Honestly, we just can’t stop swooning over these oh-so-pretty butterfly backs. Now the choice is yours, whether you want to hide them, flaunt them or let them play a little peek-a-boo game.  Style these designer bras with a racerback dress.

2. Strap Show

Strap Show

We understand a lot of women don’t really feel shy about their bra straps showing, it’s not a big deal! But trust us ladies; those straps only look cool if they are trendy. So avoid showing those boring straps and go for a sassy strap show? Have a look at those designer racerback straps.  We are sure that wouldn’t want to hide then under your clothes, or maybe you can let them act as a teaser under sheer shirts.

3. Cute Cut-Outs

Cute Cut-Out

For most of us women, sexy lingerie is a major confidence booster. Wearing cute bra makes you feel happy and confident about yourself. We at Clovia, believe in showering you with lots of happiness with our pretty bras. We are loving the cute cut-out details on the back of these push up bras. Aren’t they just so adorable? Perfect to be worn under a tank top, these bras keep your straps a secret and your underfashion sexy!

4. Tempting Triangles

Tempting Triangle

Have you ever wondered how to wear those open arm muscle tees? Well, we did! And so we designed these pretty bralettes wider arm holes and cool strappy sides to flaunt under those over size tees. The pretty triangular back makes this style a hot seller! Doubling up as a bralette, these bras are great for styling up a Sunday brunch outfit too.

5. Lazy Leisure

Lazy Lounge

With Clovia, your lounging too will be a stylish affair. Getting back to the basic racerback bras, let us tell you nothing at Clovia is just basic, with a hint of style and a dash of sass we craft statement #underfashion pieces. Bright neons, trendy stripes and premium fabrics make our basic racerback bras look extremely cool and absolutely comfortable to lounge in. Style them with a tank top & a pair of shorts to lounge in style.

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