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Your First Bra! The Beginners Bra Guide

Beginners Bra

Being a girl is about making memories and adapting to lot of changes, many of which will prove to be pivotal in shaping the woman she’d be in future. There ought to be two pivotal moments when a girl notices some really amazing and rather awkwardly felt bodily transformations in her life, first is the setting in of periods and secondly the day you slip into her very first bra, the beginners bra!

If you’re a first-timer with bras, we’d be glad to help you out in this transitional phase in your life so it proves to be a happy one! Just follow the simple rules of our bra guide for beginners!


The growth of breasts broadly takes place between the ages of 9 and 16 with the onset of puberty. A lot of girls develop bigger busts early on while others are late bloomers. Always remember that every girl is unique and has her own unique experiences.
Of course, lingerie cannot alter the person you really are from the inside, but these petite things would surely provide a wonderful opportunity for exploration & experimentation with your intimate feminine side.


How to Know When You Need a Bra:

  • There’s a feeling of a peculiar discomfort in the chest area like a loose “wobbling” of breast tissues.
  • When the nipples start protruding and show as an impression when you are into one of those body-hugging tops, you definitely need a Bra! Peer pressure shouldn’t push you into making a choice for bras. It’s better to be patient!


Wrong sized bras are so common even today it’s advisable not to fall for “any kind of bra” syndrome just for the sake of it! It would be best to get your foundations right.
Measure yourself!

Grab hold of a measuring tape & be ready to do some simple number crunching (use calculator just in case!).


Bra Size Calculator
It would be better to get your Mom or a close friend to assist you in the activity.


PINK TIP: It would be nice if you measure yourself every six months, as in your growing period sizes can change quickly.


Now that you’ve got your size right, delve into buying first bra for yourself. Just make sure you’re really comfortable in your new intimates.


The main purpose of a beginners bra /teenage bras is offer comfort and coverage during your growing years. It typically has a pullover style without underwire, padding, hooks and wire. They’re the simplest and most comfortable ones of the entire lot. The stretchable cotton fabric facilitates a little room while you are still developing.
Teenager BraTeenager Bra


Let’s assume it’s P.T. session in school & you don’t want any embarrassment to kick in. Sports bra is what can save you! They have thicker fabric and wider straps for firmer support and are very comfortable. You can also explore padded options in this category. In case you’re a sports woman, you may prefer maintaining separate sets of sports and training bras

For great sports bra, shop here
Beginner Sports BraBeginner Sports Bra

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They are perfect for growing teens, they are soft bras in stretchable cotton material usually devoid of underwire. Being wire-free they offer less shaping yet are extremely comfortable for “initial bra training” phase. Vibrant colors & prints are available in this category.
Light-support Beginner’s BraLight-support Beginner’s Bra


For additional support and a bit of modesty, go for light padding while getting your first bra. They can hide any hint of nipples and also add up some volume visually.
Padded Beginner’s BraPadded Beginner’s Bra


These are super tanks and camisoles with attached bras on the inside especially crafted for a lazy girl’s delight. Built-in bra is a supportive training bra which provides support to breasts without need for separate bras. They’re just so ideal for your summer vacation hang outs.


It is essential to keep the following points in mind while going for your first beginners bra:


  • Decide what look would go best with your form according to your size and lifestyle.
  • You bra should be comfortable and good fitting. Look for the signs of ills fitting bra here
  • Dark coloured bras would be a disaster when worn inside school uniforms. So it’s better to choose a skin color bra in a seamless style to get that smooth outer appearance.

Lingerie is as much apparel for comfort as it is a subtle declaration of womanhood. Choice of a girl’s first bras should be nothing less than a happy adventure and a memorable tale to cherish in future!

With all these shopping tips, you can easily find your first bra. In addition to the same, it’s important for teenagers to choose the right panty for their needs and expectations. Discover Clovia’s range of panties and get the best one that reflects your mood. We are here to offer an adorable collection of the panty for girls to let them stay stylish and comfortable. Be it tights and socks, briefs and thongs, vests and panties for girls, we have got everything in one place. Available in different colours and sizes, Clovia’s panty is super comfortable. Made with high-quality material, our products are perfect for growing girls.


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