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Best Back To School Bras For Teenagers

Teenagers Bra

The delicate teenagers’ age of turning from a girl to women brings along many physical, emotional and mental changes for your darling one. She experiences a new phase of life and gets ready to face all new challenges. One crucial challenge that lies ahead of her is choosing the right FIRST BRA.

Hitting puberty means developing breasts that need the right support and comfort, more than we need it any other time. The process is rather complicated and can even be scary for her but knowing few do’s and don’ts of shopping a teenage bra will make this experience for her calm, embarrassment-free and satisfying.

Here are few features to look for while shopping the perfect teenager bra for your teen queen:


1. No poke-experience

Since it’s her first one make sure her experience doesn’t involve discomfort of any type. Slip-on teenager bras that offer support without hook & eye or underwires are the perfect option in this case.

Slip-on Teenager Bra


2. Supportive Underbands

As the breasts are in the development phase, the size will constantly vary and grow. Supportive and broad underband is what will give her the confidence and comfort that she will be looking to get from her bra.

Teenager bra with broad underband


3. Colours that Blend in

Though prints and colors are a favorite of young teens, when it comes to bra blending in will add to her confidence. The initial phase of wearing a bra may make her conscious but a light colored bra will blend right in with her school uniform or everyday wear, giving her the no-show confidence.

PS. If she is reluctant to wear boring bras with her party wear, you can also go for the option of funky printed ones or buy her beginners bra with transparent straps to team with designer necklines.


4. Size Matters

Getting measured every 6 months is a good habit even for women and it is even more crucial when it comes to teenagers. She will keep growing and it’s crucial to get her fitted in the right size and fit as that happens. Visit lingerie stores, in the beginning, to get this process right. With time, introduce her to teen cup sizes. Opting for lightly padded ones is also a great idea to do away with nipple-show.

Light-coloured Teenager Bra

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