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7 Tips to Buy First Bra for Your Daughter

Watching your daughter grow can evoke mixed emotions in your heart. Getting used to the changes can be both challenging and thrilling at the same time. Among the plethora of changes taking place, there is no denying the fact that getting the very first bra for your daughter is definitely a big thing. It can be one of the biggest challenges for you as well as your daughter, which is why it is your responsibility to ensure that she has a smooth and hassle-free beginner bra experience.

Before you hop onto shopping for girls’ bras, it is important to ascertain your daughter’s needs. Talk to her about it, see if she is ready to wear beginner bras, and determine the right fit and form as per her breast development. This can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to your rescue.  In this post, we have enlisted a few tips that will help ease the process of buying your daughter’s first bra.

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1.  Start a Conversation:

If you notice that your girl has started to develop breast buds, it’s the right time to break the ice. While some girls are eager to know about it, others may feel shy.  Come what may, it is your responsibility to have an open chat with your daughter and make her feel comfortable. Tell her how girls’ bra can help her to be more confident socially and avoid embarrassment. This conversation will ease her worries regarding her teen bra and make peace with her changing body shape.


2.  Determine the Bra Type:

Before you start to search, figure out what type of girls’ bra you are looking for. You will be surprised to know that 7 out of 10 women get wrong bras, which is why it is imperative to know the purpose.  Determine whether you want her to wear something on the athletic field or under school uniform. Find out if she is willing to wear a bra with hook-and-eye closures or wants something like an easy to wear slip-on-style. Thinking about the teenager bra type can assist you to make a better purchase.

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3.  Measure Her:

Calculating the breast size is imperative to get the fit and look right. Plus, with Clovia’s fit test and teenager ­­bra size chart, determining it becomes a cakewalk.  Just follow the easy instructions to get started. Measure her size at the comfort of your home and save her from the awkwardness she would have to face otherwise at a store.


4.  Pay Attention to Comfort: ­

When it comes to teen bras, you will usually come across non-padded and non-wired bras, for good. Clovia provides a wide range of comfortable girls’ bras that offer full coverage to ensure zero spillage. Additionally, they offer the correct level of coverage with double layered cups, so that the nipples don’t show beneath your daughter’s clothes. Also, the teen bras at Clovia come with pads that can be inserted for extra nipple coverage.

If she is not comfortable with bras that hook behind the back, pick slip-on bras and introduce them to your daughter like crop tops. We bet this will make her first bra experience less troublesome.


5.  Purchase Teenager Bras Online If Your Daughter is Uncomfortable:

If you feel that your daughter is still fretful about buying teenage girls’s bra, skip going to a store and order from our collection of teenager bras online.  Give her the flexibility to try some pieces at the comfort of home, so she can make better decisions. The familiarity of the atm­osphere will help her sail through this scary time.  Plus, with a huge variety of Clovia’s teen bras available online, you won’t regret your decision.


6.  Enjoying a Bra Shopping Day:

To increase the excitement of buying girls’ bra, take your daughter out to shop, just the two of you. After all, it’s a big step for your daughter! It is imperative to respect her privacy and make her feel like a celebrity on this day. This will increase her comfort level and get used to teen bras.


7.  Stick to Light Colors:

While your daughter may like all those exotic colors in teen bras’, it may not be the right choice for her. The colors of the girls’ bras should blend well with her school uniform- whites and nudes are usually the best. However, if she wants something dressier, you should certainly listen to her.  Allow her to choose a few beginner bras in different colors and funky prints that she can wear to parties. Choosing a mix of all types of teenager bras will help her to be prepared for all the occasions.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the experience of buying first girls’ bra for your daughter.

Happy shopping!

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