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5 Panty Mistakes Women Make

To showcase the mistakes women can avoid.

Panties are an irreplaceable part of every woman’s wardrobe. A perfectly fitted panty has the power to accentuate the overall look with no extra effort. But a silly mismatched or wrong style panty can make your outfit look drab. Below listed are five panty mistakes women tend to overlook.


1. Choosing Lacy Briefs Over Cotton Panties.

Lacy briefs are undoubtedly a sexy and feminine choice, but rethink; they might not be the right choice for everyday wear. Lacy briefs might not be comfortable to wear all day since their material is not as absorbent as regular panties. The low moisture-wicking tendency of lacy briefs may make you uncomfortable in the longer run. In addition, the vaginal area needs extra care to prevent bacterial infections and yeast growth. Therefore, it is advisable to choose light and breathable fabric like cotton for long-lasting comfort. You can choose from various prints and patterns of cotton panties to keep up with the comfort and style quotient.

2. Wearing White Undies Under White Or Light-Coloured Bottoms.

A sexy white dress with matching accessories can create a timeless look. However, a little panty colour matching can lead to an oops moment. White colour underwear paired with a white garment can be very revealing. Furthermore, the overlapping of white colour garments can lead to a highlighting effect, making it transparent. Hence, white undies with white bottoms are a big no. Instead, opt for nude colour panty in coherence to your skin colour to perfectly camouflage your underwear for a perfect no show effect. 

3. Panties With Thick Piping Along The Leg Openings.

Whenever you wear a perfectly fitted dress, you can often encounter an embarrassing moment wearing the wrong panty underneath. The panties with thick piping on the edges lead to visible lines making them look shabby. Next time, whenever you plan to adorn a sexy bodycon dress, always opt for Clovia’s seamless laser cut undies that are entirely undetectable under your body-fitted outfits. For choosing a perfect panty for your dress, go through the know your panty code guide.

4. Wearing The Wrong Size And Fit.

Needless to say, underwear that is too tight or too loose can be irritating. Tight underwear can lead to health consequences. The lack of breathability promotes bacterial growth and infection along with chaffing of the skin. If your panties are too large or falling apart, they can be pretty uncomfortable. Perfectly fit underwear is a must-have. Check out the panty size chart to know your perfect fit. Grab 4 panties for 499 from the available sizes S to XXL for the perfect fit at an affordable price.

5. Wearing Thongs For A Longer Duration.

The prolonged usage of thongs is never recommended as it transfers bacteria from the anal region to the vagina. Thong is an elegant panty choice worn on special occasions to give a fashionable look and to provide your body with the time to breathe.

So, dear women, to avoid making such mistakes, you can choose from the classiest collections of hipsters, thongs, bikinis available on Clovia. Don’t fret about being unable to find variety in panties. Just quickly log on to Clovia and order your ideal choice of panties. You can order from multiple prints and colours and get happiness delivered to your doorstep.

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