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What Makes Clovia’s Panties So Awesome?

Let’s check out Clovia’s favorite panties and their awesomeness!

Clovia loves it’s panty collection and therefore it provides a wide range of selection of a variety of your styles. We have every day use cotton panties, classic bikinis, laid back boyshorts, sexy thongs, tempting lacy panties and much more.

Every piece here is designed with utmost care and creativity. Be it a sexy little thong or a functional maternity panty everything has got a wow factor in it. We bring a list of Clovia’s favorite panties and their awesomeness. These styles would definitely find a place in your lingerie drawer.

Cotton Panties

Since ages women have preferred cotton fabric for every day use. Cotton briefs are believed to provide unmatchable comfort and fit. Especially for a country like ours, cotton is trusted for its breathability and absorbent feature. Moreover, these cotton undies come with double layered gusset to soak in moisture and keep you dry. Find some trendy yet comfortable everyday use cotton panties only on

Solution Panties

Clovia awesome panties are the best choice when you need comfort and style together. They are comfy, fashionable and durable. They are awesome because they have been designed keeping in mind all the panty problmes that girls go through. They provide freedom from tell-tale panty lines which mean that you can wear them under anything and everything. Clovia has a range of period panties that resist staining and leakage.

Classic Bikini Style

Style wise, the most popular panty silhouette in women’s underwear is the bikini panty. They are somewhere between a thongs and a hipster, they provide higher coverage than a thong and they rise lower than a hipster. Bikinis are slim on the edges and have fair rear coverage. They are not only sexy, but also a good alternative to your everyday wear with a hint of sexiness. This is one style that suits almost all the body types.

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Solution Boyshorts

Boy shorts are full-coverage panties. The leg openings are extend a few inches below the widest part of the hip, or just above the mid-thigh. Because they sit low on the waist, they don’t result in ugly panty peeks. Snug-fitting boyshorts can also help in smoothening the hip and upper thigh area. As a result of staying true to your size you can even manage to eliminate panty lines.

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When it comes to eliminating panty lines underneath garments, or playing it sexy in the bedroom. A thong is the best option available. They cover you modestly on the front with almost no rear coverage. Another variation of thong is the G-String . It only has triangular patch at the front with elastic at the band and rear for support. Although seamless styles certainly minimize lines from showing underneath most garments, thongs are the best choice for wearing under thin garments or those with a very snug fit. Many women prefer the minimal design of a thong, especially because thongs are less likely to bunch or ride up like full-bottomed panties. But for women who’ve never worn a thong before, it might take some time.

Own these amazing panties from clovia’s closet and feel the awesomeness every time you wear them.


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