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Ways to Relieve Itchy Breasts/ Nipples during Pre & Post Pregnancy

Ways to Relieve Itchy Breasts/ Nipples during Pre & Post Pregnancy

A lot of new moms might expect breastfeeding to be a very easy and natural process, but to your surprise, it’s not! Breastfeeding is a very emotional feeling and comes with as a roller coaster ride. While as a new mom your hormones might rush you with the motherhood feeling where you feel all protected for your little one and want to love the tiny member to bits but mastering the art of breastfeeding would require time, patience, and skill.
There might be times when the child may not want to take the feed or times when you may experience leakage. But one of the most common problems that mothers face during breastfeeding is itchy breasts & nipples.

What causes itchiness during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

The body goes through a lot of hormonal changes that result in itchy skin, not just around your breasts and nipple area but all over the body too. Another reason for itchy & dry skin is because your body grows and the stretch in the skin results in dry, itchy skin with stretch marks. While itchiness is totally normal and it can be treated with special medicated skincare products & home remedies; if it turns into a rash it needs immediate attention of a doctor. More reasons why your breasts itch:

  • Eczema

During pregnancy, your body goes through several changes. Eczema is of the skin conditions hopping onto the bandwagon, maybe without notice. Dry & itching skin usually corresponds to eczema. Consult with your doctor and find a treatment best suitable to treat your condition. 

  • Hormonal changes

Carrying a baby for 9 months comes with innumerable changes in the body caused by hormonal disbalance. Dryness being a part of the hormonal change, can be a tormenting situation. Deep moisturization can help you get through the change & help your itchy skin ease a bit. 

  • Changed body’s stature

The change of your body shape does result in constant stretching. If you weren’t aware of this, stretch marks are the result of stretched skin. It sure is true that your body changing in size & texture can also proceed with itchy skin. 

How to relieve itchy breasts/nipples?

1. Breast Oil

Breast OilUse breast oil that is made of natural ingredients like moringa oil, almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil- these are best known for their moisturizing properties. It also helps to repair the skin cells and promotes healing.

2. Nipple Butter

Nipple ButterNipple butter is great for sore and itchy nipples. They come as saviours especially when you’re breastfeeding. It soothes sore & cracked nipples and makes the feeding process easier. Pick one that is free from toxin, harmful chemicals, paraben, and sulphate. Nipple butter made of organic ingredients can help provide instant relief and will be safe for both you & your baby.

3. Cotton Bras

Cotton BrasA bra is the closest piece of fabric on your skin and which is why it needs special attention. Pick only cotton bras that are both comfortable and breathable. After delivery, choose cotton maternity bras that let you feed your baby easily and keep you comfortable.

4. Loose Clothing

Loose ClothingDuring & after pregnancy, you will have to bring a huge change to your wardrobe. Choose those fitted tops and loose tees and remember that clothes play a major role in comfort.

5. Avoid Scratching

Avoid ScratchingOne might get really tempted to scratch the skin to soothe the itchiness but this will only worsen the condition. Scratching sore nipples and breasts might make them even tender and give you a painful experience.

6. No Hot Showers

No Hot ShowersWhile hot showers can be a real stress reliever but not when you have dry, sensitive, and sore skin. Hot water will only increase the dryness and cause your breasts and nipples to itch more.

We hope these tips help you ease that pain and give you comfort from itchy & sore breasts. This would be a temporary phase and will subside with time. Meanwhile, you need to take good care of yourself and your baby.


Q1. How can one relieve itchy breasts during pregnancy?

A1. Often moisturization can tame your itchy breasts. Try out dense moisturisers or oil-based products to deeply hydrate the skin & ease out the itch. While doing so, you can also massage your breasts to ease out the tenderness. 

Q2. How early in pregnancy do nipples itch?

A2. The nipple itch tags along the 3rd month of pregnancy. The sure-shot solution to tame the situation is by constantly moisturizing your breasts. 

Q3. Can itchy breasts be a sign of pregnancy? If so, why?

A3. No, the recurring itch can be a sign of pregnancy but it isn’t definite. Consult your doctor or rely on a pregnancy test because an itchy breast isn’t a 100% sure symptom of pregnancy. 

Q4. How do I get rid of scars on the boob from itching?

A4. Apply rich-texture moisturizers or stretch marks oil. The oil is formulated to tame stretch marks caused by whatever reason. The scars that are caused by vigorous rubbing can be lightened over a period. You can use products that contain Vitamin C serum, it’s rich in antioxidants which helps lighten the scars. 

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