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Special Workouts for Moms-To-Be

If you got a go-ahead from your doctor to exercise in pregnancy, make sure to do it to keep yourself and your baby healthy & safe. Yes, during pregnancy, exercise is actually very good and is recommended by the doctor for normal delivery of the baby. As per a study, expecting mothers ideally engage themselves in any activity for at least 150 minutes a week. Only if they get a go-ahead from their doctors.

Be it early or late stage of pregnancy you should stay active the whole time. But you can’t do the same exercises in the last trimester that you were doing before getting pregnant or in your early pregnancy. As you get nearer to the due date, you need to change your routine and exercise to maintain the best health of your baby & yourself. Here are a few steps for that

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Step 1: Get the Best Gear for You

Without armour, you can’t win a battle. Similarly, getting the right gear is crucial for indulging in any activity during pregnancy. In absence of proper gear, you might adversely affect your baby. 

You must be mindful while choosing the workout outfit, like your normal bra won’t work even during low-intensity exercise. Let’s see what gears you would require 

Full Coverage High-Impact Sports Bra:

You need a full coverage high impact sports bra. This will help and support the growing bust. During pregnancy the hormonal levels stay higher which cuases an increase in bust size. 

That means your old sports bra won’t help. Get a fit test before buy a sports bra. Make usre your wear an encapsulation bra with high impact for medium intensity workouts. For low inte density workout you must wear a medium impact sports bra.

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Maternity Tights: 

There are special tights avaibale for expecting mothers. These tights is made with super stretchable fabric that can accommodate the growing belly, at the same time it provides the adequate support too. 

Additionally, these tights are made with leak proof fabric which helps absorb accidental leaks which usually happenes during pregnancy. 

Sports Shoes: 

Shoes are one of the most important gear to keep your feet protracted. Many women face swollen feet and pain in pregnancy. Good shoes help alliviate the pain & allow you to move more. Since walking is one of the best workout for moms-to-be, make sure you invest in a great pair of sports shoes.

Step 2: Decide Workout Routine

The thumb rule is to stick to low-impact workouts irrespective of trimester. You can change the type of exercise buit impact must remain the same to stay on the safe side.

The best exercise for a pregnant woman are

  1. Walking: It is one of the easiest exercises you can do throughout the pregnancy. It diesn’t even feel like working out and you can stay active. Go to near by park and enjoy nature at the same time. Again take a small walk post dinner with your husband this will cheer you up. If you wish to gradually increase the impact brisk walking is great alternative. 
  2. Aqua exercises: Many women enjoy swimming and water aerobics. Even women with join pains can also get indulge with water aerobics. It also feels great specaiily in summer. 
  3. Pre-natal Yoga: offers the strength & flexibility that you need to deliver your baby without any complications. 
  4. Pilates: Again a type of low impact exersices that help you stay cative & flexible the whole time. 

Pro Tip: Except for walking for any type pf workout do consider a instructor to avoid injury in pregnancy. Stay cautios all the time to avoid falls. Losing balance while doing any workout is fairly common but you can’t afford it in pregnancy. Make sure you do all the exercise under observation only.

Doing exercise during pregnancy is doable & mandatory if you don’t have any complications. Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle and follow the instructions strictly. Many studies have shown that certain exercise help alleviates labor pain and make delivery process much easier. So mamas, no drama!

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