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Types of bras for every outfit

Picking up the right bra is as difficult as picking the right dress. Straps showing underneath tube tops, embarrassing nipple peeks or even an irritating underwired bra, all sounds so relatable- right? Well, we girls face so many issues everyday picking a dress and a bra that would complement each other. Wish it was all easy and we knew exactly what type of bra works with which outfit.

Here’s a quick guide that would help you sort your bra styles for most of the outfits.

1. T-shirt Bras under Tees

Well, the name itself is self-explanatory. After all there’s got to be some reason behind naming it so. T-shirt bras work amazingly well under tight-fitted tees. It gives your breasts a fuller and a rounder shaper. They come in a range of lightly padded to heavily padded cups to add a bit more volume to your breasts. The padding not only adds volume but also saves you from embarrassing nipple peeks.  Remember fashion rule #1 – Always wear a nude T-shirt bra under a white tee. And for the others you can pick from a range of vibrant colours.

2. Strapless Bras under Tube Dresses/Tops

While wearing a strapless top or a dress, we are sure you aim at flaunting your shoulder and not your straps. So stop worrying about visible bra straps because a strapless bra is what you need for your tube outfits. These bras often come with padded cups that promise a smooth & neat look. They provide you with great support minus ugly straps that ruin your glam look.

3. Balconette Bras under Wider Necklines

We often experiment with different necklines, backs and designs. But what we don’t really think about is the kind of bra that would go with it.  Talking about broader necklines with a slightly deep neck, a balconette bra is what would amp up your look.  Balconette bras feature wide set straps that stay hidden under even the broadest of necklines. They are usually crafted with demi coverage cups that are ideal for slightly low necklines. This style works best with smaller busted women and defines their natural cleavage.

4. Cage Bras with Scoop Necks or Cut-Out Backs

We know that showing your bra in public isn’t something the society approves of. But what if your bra is so pretty that it looks more like a top? Yes are talking about the latest underfashion trend- cage bras and bralettes. These lacy strappy beauties are so pretty that when worn under a scoop neck top or a cut-out back dress, it looks almost like an extension of your outfit. Mix n match different colours and styles with your tops for a cool look.

5. Plunge Bras with Deep V-Necklines

Who doesn’t love a sexy plunging neckline? But I’m sure we don’t intend to flash our bra to every passerby. Try wearing a plunging bralette under your deep V-necklines. These bras are shaped in a way to give you utmost comfort and shape without making you feel conscious. And even if your neckline is way to deep or broad, worry not because all that will show is a delicately scalloped lace trim. This is just going to add oodles of charm to your outfit.

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