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To Buy or Not to Buy Honeymoon Inspired Lingerie

To Buy or Not to Buy Honeymoon Inspired Lingerie

If thinking about lingerie is too intimidating for you then, you would be that person who would go on her honeymoon with only basic stuff. Well, don’t be shy, 90% of us do the same. But, ladies, it is a crime not to carry some overtly sexy lingerie. See, the whole idea of a honeymoon is discovering each other’s secret and what could be more secretive than your body.

Honeymoon Inspired Lingerie


Having said that, I feel that women generally shy away from honeymoon lingerie because, it feels almost alien. So, here is me trying to clear some doubts zipping through your head.

What style to pick?

Recently, when my friend was getting married, she went bonkers trying to buy bridal lingerie. However, I was surprised when she said that she will wear the same ones in her honeymoon. Giving her a jaw dropping expression, I vetoed it out. You cannot mix these two styles. Choose something, which will leave nothing to his imagination but, will also not show everything. Something in the likes of babydoll, or even better, corsets. You can also choose stuff as per the place you are going to.

I am too fat for this

Ahhh! The age-old notion of the femme fatale. Being a plus-size myself, I can easily relate to this. But, nowadays, you will different types of honeymoon lingerie in plus sizes. However, I believe the problem does not lie in finding this type of lingerie but, plus-size women do not feel confident in exposing their body in honeymoons. Why? I have to ask. Sometime back I had read a quote saying, “The reason I am fat is coz a tiny body could not store this much personality.” My advice to all plus-size women out there is ‘feel beautiful and stay beautiful’ regardless of your body shape. And, if you have to cover all those layers then, try something in sheer material.

Why buy stuff, especially for a honeymoon?

Are you serious? I don’t know, how many times my friends ask me this question when I suggest lingerie for honeymoon. My question is why not? After all, it’s your honeymoon. You will not revisit this time again. Maybe some people will but 90% would not. So, why not flaunt. Why not keep him guessing what’s gonna happen between the sheets in the night? I am not saying going all overboard with public displays, but you can always go in for subtle suggestions here and there like wearing a sheer lace bra under a semi-see through top. Get the point?

Wondering where you can get all this stuff? Login to and check the latest styles of honeymoon lingerie. Believe me; their small touches of style will make your honeymoon exciting.

Happy Shopping and Oh Yes, Happy Honeymooning!


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