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The Ultimate Men’s Guide For Gifting Lingerie To Their Ladies

Men struggle, more often than not, when it comes to decisions about women’s lingerie. You know you like to look at it, but beyond that if you’re ever asked for an opinion on lingerie, the reactions revolve around “umm… yeah, that… maybe”. But the one thing you do know for sure is that women love surprises. So why not surprise your partner by showering her with some lingerie gifts? Unsure about what she would like? Here, let us help you with that.

Know her digits – The biggest problem most men face when trying to choose lingerie for their partners is their size. There is a whole fest of cluelessness while trying to guess it. Simple solution – the next time she’s not in the room, just browse through her lingerie drawer and make sure you check out at least three brands for both bras and panties. That should give you a good idea which size section to browse in.

And if she catches you doing the same, just say ‘Honey, you look so beautiful today. Is it the hair?’


Follow latest trends – Buying lingerie for a woman is not as simple as say, picking up a pair of boxers. Trends change every season and it’s difficult to know what’s new and currently ‘in’. Start by browsing a good lingerie site, check out their ‘what’s new’ section and analyze the trend patterns. Expand your grasp by checking out things beyond bras and panties. There’s a whole world out there – satin nightwear, babydoll dress, kimonos and whatnot.


Decode her preference-The trickiest part is choosing a style that she’ll like. We’ve made this easier with a simple test. Which one of these movies would she like the most?


Titanic – A true romantic at heart, she believes happy endings do happen in real life. Her loving and caring nature keeps her surrounded by friends.

Basic Instinct – She’s as irresistible as she is seductive. Fiercely independent, she knows what she wants and how to get it.

Mean Girls – She’s playful and is always up for anything, anytime. Fun personified, she’s always the life of the party and she knows it.

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When in doubt, play safe – You might be browsing lingerie options for some special occasion or the gift itself could make the day special. If it’s a wedding anniversary gift or some other event celebrating the long (or short but equally blissful) time you’ve spent together, there’s a good chance you know her inside out. That’s when you can afford choose something naughty or raunchy. But if it’s a gift for someone who you’ve just started seeing, you might want to curb down the enthusiasm and play it safe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – there’s always a classy option of going with a matching bra and panty set in lace in black, white or some other solid color she likes.



Wrap it up for brownie points – It’s all about presentation. Make the lingerie look even better with a classy box and bow. Go the extra mile to show her how much you care.

The main thing to remember is that it’s all about the woman you love. If you get her size right and are considerate of her likes and her style then you can’t go wrong. She’s going to love it!


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